Dropship dude is a highly recognized member on, who has been interviewed as an Average Joe. He is currently one of the ~250 Mythic Members on BNet, who specializes in the Halo-related forums. He is known on LIVE for his extremely brutal and efficient playing style and short temper when anything happens to put him in a losing position. He claims to play casually but also says that he does not enjoy games unless he is winning, or losing but doing so intentionally.

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Dropship dude joined in mid-April 2006, and has been an active member ever since. He was invited to the Halo 3 Friends and Family Beta, allowing him access to the Beta before all Crackdown owners. Over the years, he has become a vastly recognized member, especially within the moderation circle. He is known to be friends with a number of moderators, including x Foman123 x, Duardo, Qbix89, and former moderator Skibur. His previous Gamertag remains a mystery, although some believe it to have been "Da Wigganator".


  • Dropship dude is British.
  • He lives inside a thermonuclear bunker at an unspecified location in England.
  • He enjoys long walks along the promenade, drinking tea and inspecting vintage automobiles.
  • Halo 2 is his favourite Halo game to date, despite the fact that he only just broke a 1.00 K/D in April 2010, when Halo 2 was finally taken offline.
  • He values teamwork over individual skill, unless the individual is an exceptional player.
  • Dropship was once rumoured to be a candidate for joining the moderating team, but was not accepted because of his ever-changing posting style.
  • Dropship dude's join date is April 14th 2006. This anniversary is shared with the final day of Halo 2, which was taken offline on April 14th 2010. Despite this date, however, his Halo 2 game history shows that he played until April 15th at nearly 9pm, or 4am GMT. This makes Dropship dude one of the last 300 people to ever play Halo 2 online.

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