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Duardo at PAX 2008

Duardo is a Bungie employee and a lead on the Player Support Team.[1]He is known for leading the Accessibility@Bungie Inclusion Association from 2021 to 2023.[2] Prior to joining Bungie, he was known for being a Forum Ninja on Bungie.net (that he currently manages),[3] the meme "PM Duardo," and creating many FAQs on the website.[4][5][6]

Bungie.net Biography[]

I came here for Halo, but I stayed for Bungie.

~ Duardo on remaining active on Bungie.net during "The Darkness" era of the site.
Forum Ninja Information
Ninja Overview
UserName Duardo
Current Title Master Forum Ninja
Member Since September 17, 2004
Ninja Since September 24, 2008
Group Count 22
XL Gamertag unknowm
Profile Link Old Link

Joining Bungie.net[]

After playing Halo: Combat Evolved, his good friend, Sword and Scales, introduced him to Bungie.net. Duardo came to the site daily to learn about Halo 2, eventually joining the site in September 2004 to answers questions and discuss theories in the "Zanzibar" Halo 2 Forum. He remained active in that forum until it was deleted and replaced with the Halo 3 Forum in 2006.


Two days after Halo 3 came out, Duardo was visiting the forum and saw how hectic it had become due to repeat threads. He decided to create a FAQ[4] to help curb the tide. Over the course of nine months,[7] the thread reached 130 pages, filled with questions from users and answers from Duardo, and sometimes Faulty Jaboom.

A few days after the Bungie.net Member Titles were added, Duardo, again, saw the forums filled with repeat threads asking about the titles. In response, he created another FAQ.[5] Some users stated that it is perhaps the most linked thread on the website.

In December 2008, Duardo posted a Halo 3: ODST FAQ shortly after the game was announced to not repeat the prior times of a chaotic forum.[6]


Superintendent's reponse

The Superintendent[]

On June 18, 2008, at 9:52 AM PDT, The Superintendent, posted "PLEASE REMAIN CALM" in the Superintendent Discussion thread.[8] Duardo, attempting to contact the Super, replied with "Why? Is there something wrong?" at 10:58 AM PDT and send the same thing in a PM to the account.

At 11:10 AM PDT, IIIIIII replied to Duardo via PM with "IN CASE OF FIRE, USE STAIRS".[9]

Becoming a Forum Ninja[]

Duardo became a Forum Ninja on September 24, 2008. He was one of the few Ninjas to become a Master Forum Ninja.


  • Duardo chose his name because he had Spanish class freshman year in high school, and it was the only name he found that started with the letter 'D'
  • How to say his name properly: Dwar-doe
  • Duardo would receive hundreds of PMs due to the "PM Duardo" meme, but he tried to answer all of them.
  • Before becoming a Ninja, he and FoMan123 feuded on the website when FoMan began telling users to PM Duardo. To counter this, Duardo started posting about FoMan's mom. They both made Groups of their respective memes before coming to a truce with the