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ecartman1214 better known as Chris by his friends is a 5 year vet of the United States Armed Forces. He served overseas tour in the Republic of Korea in 2009 where he was reassigned to the 1st Infantry Division in Fort Riley, KS in 2010 where he trained for deployment to Paktika Province, Afghanistan in 2011. In early 2012 ecartman1214 was medically discharged from the US Army from injuries sustained on duty. ecartman1214 is currently engaging a career in local Law Enforcement at his residence in Texas, USA. Life

ecartman1214 joined in 2005 after reading about about it in an in game message from Halo 2 online. ecartman1214 was relatively a semi-active Community Forum regular until his release from active duty in 2012 where he became more active in community events such as the 2012 Winter Pentathlon. ecartman1214 currently holds the position of organiser for The Community Carnage and managing staff for the Annual Bungie Awards.


  • ecartman1214 only has 1 entree in his moderation history. He was warned in 2009 for "blogging" in the Flood about his military career.
  • The name "ecartman1214" was created in 2001, and is in reference to the contriversial character on the Comedy Central animation series South Park. He was watching an episode and was thinking up a name for his email account. "1214" signifies ecartman1214 birth month and day.
  • ecartman1214 was notoriously warned by Bungiepedia Admin ARBITOR 5 for editing all nouns in the wiki to "Taco".




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