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EnragedBullet joined the community in February of 2006, prior to playing Halo 2 as some sort of "glitch hunter". He always had a passion for defying the game physics and getting out of Halo 2's various maps (especially Outskirts). Basically the forums was a past method of obtaining information and additional methods to break the Game's physical barrier. This past mission of his also promoted his activity and interest for knowledge on His first few posts started in the Halo 2 forums as replies to great threads such as the Ideas For Halo 3 thread by MJOLNIR[1]



After a few months of posting on the public forums, EnragedBullet joined the group Promminent Communique[2], where his experience and overall mood of moderating and the community converted for the better. Obtaining a respected rank and acquiring responsibilities was a tad bit of hard work. His moderation skills and experience linked him to other former spectacular chapters such as Ninja Academy [3] and The Council Chambers[4]. His carrier rose to the peak of him moderating 25 chapters at one time.

Project: Halo Armory

This chapter was founded by him during the pre-Halo 3 epoch on to recommend weapons and equipment ideas for Halo 3. It lasted for a whole year with the highest member count to approximately 270. After Halo 3, the group eventually died down to a weapons discussion chapter featuring all guns from exotic models such as World War II weapons to American weapons. The chapter unfortunately died altogether due to EnragedBullet's lengthy inactivity to

After obtaining X-box Live for the first time in 2007, EnragedBullet's activity significantly decreased due to further interests and yet more social networking. He has been a star player for other games such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and other games. However, community members such as Lord Snakie and User:Jmh9072 motivated him to return back to the community briefly before the "New Hawtness" era.


EnragedBullet is now a part of the United States Marine Corps under Delayed-Entry. He is usually online playing Xbox Live only on the weekends with some acquaintances or on the forums.



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