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EpicOfTheEpicz is a active member of the Flood, private groups, and sometimes, other Bungie forums. He joined on 12.09.2010.

His title is Honorable Legendary Member.

Past Titles

For quite a time, his title was Member due to a ban, but because 3/4s of a year absence, returned as an Honorable member, which fluctuated between Heroic and member for some time. Eventually the Heroic stuck, and later turned to Legendary.

He strongly believes that Heroic is the best of all the shades of grey one can have. Blue is a different story.


He is active in roughly half of the groups he is in, particularly Gaming Central, The Breakdown, TFA, and occasionally his own chapter, MLGeezus. A list of the groups he's in:

MLGeezus, Unyeilding Citadel, Gaming Central, The Breakdown, Ask Your Ninja, Coup d'Bungie, Writers Corner, Minecrafters, Waaahmbulance, The Floods Army, Health and Fittness, Space Explorers


  • Owns a religious parody group named MLGeezus.
  • Is a moderator in the Breakdown
  • Most sucessful thread was "If you could bring any Halo vehicle into real life, what would it be?", way back in his idiot days.
  • Highest title attained is 'Honorable Legendary Member'.
  • Favorite title was 'Honorable Heroic Member'.
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