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Mod evilcam
Ninja Overview
UserName Evilcam
Current Title Forum Ninja
Member Since June.11.2006
Ninja Since 2006
Group Count 15
XL Gamertag Unknown
Profile Link http://www.bungie.net/Account/Profile.aspx?uid=1847514
Moderator evilcam

evilcam's old avatar

evilcam was a Forum Ninja from the summer of 2006 to September 2008. September 2011 showed evilcam's reinstatement as moderator. His name is always spelled with a lower-case "e." As of Bungie.next it is spelled with a upper-case "E." He used to be extremely visible on the Bungie.net forums, but does not come to BNet as much as he used to. As a forum ninja he is regarded as a tenacious thread-locker, tough but polite and fair and due to his visibility, he is often blamed for many of the moderators' alleged "wrong-doings."

evilcam is recognizable enough that some users have modeled their username after his (such as "evilspam,"

Mod evilcam

Evilcam's current avatar.

"evilcam sux," and "evilcamNoLife") and Chapters have been created solely for the purpose of discussing him, including the chapter "Evil Cam is a Good Mod" and the chapter "Evilcam Sucks."

evilcam was identifiable by his unique avatar, a photoshopped image of an insane Bruce Campbell (as Ash Williams) from the movie Evildead 2 ([1]).

evilcam was regarded as one of the strangest Forum Ninjas. His hobbies include, but are not limited to; watching Mixed Martial Arts, receiving PMs asking him to cyber, scaring small children, helping disembodied soul with his goals and hating the internet.

evilcam hates the internet, and rightfully so. He was a "tenacious thread-locker" because people are too ignorant to follow even the most basic of rules.

On 9/16/2008 evilcam stepped down as a Bungie.net forum ninja. On 9/21/2011 evilcam became a Bungie.net forum ninja once again, presumably to fill in the hole that Butane left when he stepped down. As of 2015 evilcam is no longer moderator.



evilcam's Bungie Profile

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