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Join us twice a week for oldschool Bungie game nights.


For Carnage Apply Within is a bungie.net group that plays Marathon and Myth games on a weekly basis. The group also has much information on many of the old Bungie games. Currently For Carnage Apply Within meets every Friday night at 9:00 eastern time. The games usually go late into the night. The schedule alternates between Marathon and Myth every other month. There are Tuesday night games on also. These start at 8:00 eastern time. A multitude of Bungie's games are played on these nights.

The History of FCAW[]

Where we've come from and how we got here.

Our history began on December 29, 2004 when Ghandi 2 formed The Myth Jumpers; a group with the lofty goal of bringing bungie.net members together to play Myth. The group was the offshoot of two older groups; The Bungie Jumpers and The Wrkncacnter Club. Ghandi 2, GameJunkieJim, and Reiginko were the first administrators of the Myth Jumpers. The group started organizing games of Myth II: Soulblighter in January 2005 and played weekly games for the next 125 weeks. In that time, they played over 1300 games of Myth. Many of the members of FCAW who were also Myth Jumpers still have fond memories of Friday evening and Saturday morning Myth games overflowing with the carnage of Slug Riot Last man on the Hill games, Trow Body Count games, and wight Stampede games. The group witnessed the final death throes of Play Myth, the hibernation and recent resurrection of Mariusnet, and had the briefest of appearances in the 2005 Myth World Cup. Many of the practices and methods implemented in For Carnage Apply Within trace their origins back to the Myth Jumpers. Some of the original articles and threads from the Myth Jumpers may even resurface here from time to time.

In May 2005, BobBQ and GameJunkieJim founded the Marathon Jumpers with the goal of bringing bungie.net members together to play Marathon in much the same way the Myth Jumpers had done with Myth five months earlier. However, back in 2005 none of the current methods which now make it a simple matter to play Marathon online were in place. Marathon Durandal for the Xbox Live Arcade was a long way in the future and a Mariusnet compatible version of Aleph One was in its infancy. Aleph One updates were being released almost nightly and the user interface was not nearly as easy to navigate. The easiest (and sometimes only) way to play a game of Aleph One online was to give everyone the IP address of the host in order to connect directly. Needless to say, the inability to easily organize regular games mortally crippled the group.

By spring of 2007, both the Myth Jumpers and the Marathon Jumpers were suffering from their own specific problems. The Myth Jumpers had a well defined and reliable weekly game organized, but had been unable to completely fill holes left by older members who had drifted away from the group. The Marathon Jumpers had a strong base composed of new and old members alike who were eager to play Marathon, but the group lacked the ability to organize weekly games. It seemed as though each group had what the other lacked. Therefore, in August of 2007 the administrators of the Myth Jumpers and the Marathon Jumpers decided to close the doors of both groups and united to form a new group: For Carnage Apply Within.

August of 2007 seemed like an excellent time to form the new group. In the case of Marathon, the tools which had been noticeably absent in 2005 were coming to fruition by 2007. Marathon Durandal hit the Xbox Live Arcade, creating an easy way to organize games over Xbox Live and introducing a whole new group of people to the Marathon universe. Aleph One's integration with Mariusnet made it easier than ever to play Marathon online. Mariusnet had finally become the major hub for Myth activity once again.

Even so, For Carnage Apply Within started slowly. The primary cause for this was the release of Halo 3, which effectively forced all other Bungie games to the back burner. Now that Halo 3 has been out long enough to have lost some of its proverbial new game smell, we are again attempting to focus our members' love of Bungie's classic titles for the purpose of playing Marathon and Myth online. And so, over three years after the Myth Jumpers' first net games riddled with limbs, heads, and smoking craters, For Carnage Apply Within presses on with the same goal of bringing bungie.net members together to share in the online carnage and their appreciation of Bungie's classic titles.

Riding this new wave of member participation and enthusiasm, FCAW flourished. In late 2008 some of the FCAW staff were in contact with urk, who expressed an interest in FCAW. As a result, FCAW was fortunate enough to participate in Bungie's Community Spotlight. The For Carnage Apply Within Community Spotlight was posted on January 21, 2009. The spotlight was a high water mark for FCAW. Only a few months earlier the group was scrounging to survive. Now FCAW had a huge influx of new and returning members, improved organization, increased participation, and was featured on the front page of bungie.net.

Over the next few months, game night participation continued to prosper. In May 2009, a secondary mid-week game was added to the FCAW schedule. This mid-week game allowed FCAW to expand to other Bungie titles without moving away from the reliable Marathon and Myth Friday games. Mid-week games came to feature titles absent from or less common to FCAW Friday game nights including Halo PC, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, and third party mods for Myth and Marathon.

To celebrate Bungie Day 2010, FCAW scheduled the first FCAW Olympics. During three days of organized carnage FCAW members battled for notoriety and bragging rights. The Olympics were so successful that the three days in summer were expanded to a week in December, resulting in the first FCAW Winter Olympics.

As of March 2011 For Carnage Apply Within has played well over 1300 games of Myth, Marathon, and Halo, surpassing the record accomplished by the original Myth Jumpers. FCAW has enjoyed over three years of gaming with no end in sight.

And so, over six years after the Myth Jumpers' first net games riddled with limbs, heads, and smoking craters, For Carnage Apply Within presses on with the same goal of bringing bungie.net members together to share in the online carnage and their appreciation of Bungie's classic titles.

In late 2011, we branched out from our comfort zone ever so slightly and started playing games not made by Bungie. Half-Life, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, Team Fortress 2, and several others were added to our repertoire. While these new titles weren't too radical and far off from what we'd been playing, it did represent a new step in the forming of our modern routine.

Since 2010, FCAW has held five Olympics, one each summer around Bungie day and the other at the end of the year in which we hold true to our original intention and have three days of Bungie old and new. While we have only had two first place champions in our five events, these games are always a blast to play in. Very rarely do you get the chance to see A Vivid Frenzy so covered in parts or Mime Target so completely filled with slaughter.

Now in 2012, we have happily participated in four years of gaming old and new with members new and long forgotten. Ask any one of our members and they will certainly tell you we have succeeded in our original goal of populating nearly twenty year old games a reality.

Active Members[]

  • Atomsk A33
  • Big Vokes
  • Cydonian
  • Gladius Dei
  • GrimC1eaver
  • Grunty117
  • Happymeals
  • Mr M12LRV
  • Peter99Dineen
  • Placid Platypus
  • Sardonic13
  • The Slayer
  • Spartain Ken
  • ZayneHumphrey
  • EpicWaffles

Notable Inactive Members[]

Previous Mottos[]

  • Non facete nobis calcitrare vestrum perinæum.
  • Now with 77% more Clown Gun!
  • Don't zortch my dorf!
  • See ya starside!
  • Now you can blow stuff up!


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