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The Bungie.net user featured in this article is a former Forum Ninja.

Moderator gamejunkiejim

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GameJunkieJim is a bungie.net Forum Ninja who gets up earlier than you, works more than you, has more games than you, sleeps later than you, and still finds enough time in the day to play more games than you.so are we to extrapolate that if they don't have the data seratms the province believes they need to make decisions that they have been making decisions like the cuts at PRHC and other hospitals without data? Not exactly confidence inspiring.

Game Collection[]


Taking inventory is a real pain.


Ready for Halo 3.

His game collection is vast.


48 US console releases, a few sundry imports.


The counting became inaccurate after 1800.


Many, but his favorites are the Steel Battalion controller set, and the Guitar Hero II Xplorer. 46" Samsung Slim DLP HDTV. One hell of an accessory.

Community Contributions[]

Besides contributing by moderating, GameJunkieJim still has enough time to do some really neat stuff for the bungie.net community. One contribution is the Bungie Jumpers' The Bathroom Reader, a semi-annual PDF format news letter full of Bungie related reader submitted content. It was originally intended to be a printed publication, but due to cost it was instead distributed over the internet.


  • GameJunkieJim has more games than you.
  • GameJunkieJim uses Linux.
  • GameJunkieJim may have won the record for most people banned at once when he banned everyone who posted in a thread that was at least 5 pages long.


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