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The main image of the clan's now dead Fan fiction.

Gamma Company Spartans was a group on bungie.net

This Clan was initially Founded around 8-11-2010 est by Numanuma (Will be referred as Num Num's). Throughout its early days, it grew into a respectable Clan. But then the Clan went into on of its dark hours as Num Num's left for over a year, leaving Saroufall as the leader. The Clan continued to decline in size and scope until it's revival one year later when Num nums came back. This period of time is the first revival of this Clan which ended up lasting until the group's dismantlement by Num Num's at the end of 2011. But in the Summer of 2011, the Clan thrived under the leadership of Num num's until he left again until the end of '11. During this time the Clan went through many changes including the Roster, Clan policies, etc.

The Clan was also under new leadership by Blackhalos who lead with the morals of democracy, unlike his predecessor, but as time went on the Clan began to be enveloped by inactivity. The origins of this are not limited to an order by Num num's for the Clan to go into a Dormant Phase, by cutting off recruitment and focusing on the Clan itself.

But in the end of '11 Num num's returned hoping to take back his place as leader and returning the Clan into a hierarchy like before. But used to the ability for everyone to voice their opinion, Blackhalos told Num num's that the Clan has changed into a democracy and his tyrannic ideas would bode well towards the development of the Clan. But Num num's reacted violently, proving the points that were made, and deleted everyone from the B.net group and then deleting it entirely. "Surviving" members coined the term "Numanuking" after this event.

But as this happened all remaining members rallied at the Gamma Company HQ group, used for the planning of the revival dubbed New Dawn at the beginning of the new year, being disgruntled by what had happened. But in light of the event the members started to rebuild but at their digression, forming and creating an entirely new structure to accommodate the Democratic Committee system to which is in use today.

To this day this clan stands for the idea of everyone's voices counted and is apparent to this day. While it is no longer a functioning clan, members of this group may still be seen together 6+ years since the Clan's creation. If any of the members not grouped up would like to get back in touch, Blackhalos' gamertag hasn't changed. ~BH