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GNOP! was the first computer game created and published by Bungie Studios. Alex Seropian authored the game in 1990, almost a year before Bungie's official incorporation. A simple PONG clone with added sound and graphics written and released nearly 20 years after the original, "GNOP" is simply "PONG" spelled backwards. Released as freeware, the game proved popular enough that Seropian sold the source code to fans for $15 USD.


GNOP! is currently available for download at https://www.myabandonware.com/game/gnop-3km

A faithful recreation of GNOP! in Adobe Flash was playable on http://gnop.bungie.org/ before Adobe Flash Player was shut down.


According to Bungie Lore, "OWT GNOP" will be made when the jar that holds Ling-Ling's Head is broken.