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The Bungie.net user featured in this article is a former Forum Ninja.



TGP's current avatar

Real Life[]


Great_Pretender in real life.

He's not a real person, forget aboooout it!

Bungie.net History[]

Moderator greatpretender2

TGP's last avatar

Moderator greatpretender

TGP's avatar from a while back

Great_Pretender has been a member of Bungie.net since December 13th 2004 and was a Master Forum Ninja on Bungie.net.

Great_Pretender was absorbed by the ninja collective in August of 2005. His current avatar is a parody of the MLG emblem, featuring instead Pete Townshend from The Who, windmilling. He made it himself (people keep asking him if he did, the hell? stop it guys). If you are using the Coup d'Bungie script, his avatar is Soulblighter, from the Bungie series Myth.

His previous avatars have been a Journeyman form the Bungie series Myth, a Dwarven paratrooper banner from the Bungie series Myth, Soulblighter from the Bungie series Myth, and a Trow from the Bungie series Myth.


  • Great_Pretender was the youngest person to ever become a forum ninja. He is no longer the youngest; he has passed that title to The Slayer.
  • Great_Pretender is the youngest Master Forum Ninja.
  • While playing Halo 3, Great_Pretender is known for his unorthodox vehicular antics, such as splattering players inside the Mauler tunnel on Rat's Nest with Warthogs, splattering players with the Elephant on Sandtrap, highjacking Banshees through the windshields of other vehicles, or parking Elephants at such steep angles in CTF games that the flag cannot be retrieved from them.
  • Great_Pretender will often request that a party leader remove Achilles1108 to make room for him, even if the party already has room.


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