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Greg Kirkpatrick is a game developer who worked at Bungie in the mid-1990s. He helped write the stories for Marathon and Marathon 2: Durandal, and also helped release Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete, Pathways Into Darkness, and Marathon Infinity.

Furthermore, he is credited with the word "rampancy" to describe what happens to AI when they lose their sanity in Bungie's Marathon series and Halo series.

Bungie History[]

Kirkpatrick joined Bungie in February 1994 to write the story for Marathon,[1] but was a beta tester for Pathways Into Darkness.[2] He was a University of Chicago graduate and former dorm mate of Jason Jones,[3] who declared several months earlier that, if Marathon was to have a story, Kirkpatrick would have to write it.[1][2] In addition, Kirkpatrick created the majority of the levels along with Jones.[4]

After Marathon shipped, Bungie quickly announced that Marathon 2 was in development. Kirkpatrick and Jones wrote the story and created most of the levels for the game.

Kirkpatrick, who hated living in Chicago,[5] departed from Bungie after Marathon 2 shipped in November 1995. He moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he formed a new studio, Double Aught. The studio was responsible for creating the monster, physics, and weapons settings for the "Blood Tides of Lh'owon" single-player scenario in Marathon Infinity. Following the game's release, he replied to many usenet posts about the plot of Marathon Infinity and what it meant, but was reluctant to reveal exactly what happens in the game.[6]


  • A caricature of Kirkpatrick, Jason Jones, and Robt McLees are hidden in a terminal in the Marathon 2 level "“Come and Take Your Medicine.”
  • At some point, Kirkpatrick hit his head on a dishwasher, which became a BungieComic:


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