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Groups are private, individualized, and discreet areas of Bungie.net that are separate from the main public forums. Groups are different from Clans. Groups used to be known as "Chapters" and were created on Nov. 14, 2001[1], when Bungie.net relaunched and introduced the Seventh Column, the “Official Bungie fan club and underground army.” It was established to help Bungie pave the way toward World Domination and foster development of the Bungie community.

As a part of the club, members could create their own Chapters (Groups). On March 12, 2002[2], Yeroen (Max Hoberman) created “Chapter Founders[3],” a gathering place for all chapter administrators. It was here where “The Septagon[4]” was born, a forum to discuss ways to improve the Seventh Column.

To moderate this forum, Yeroen promoted a few Chapter members to become Forum Moderators. They served until the site relaunched in 2004 when The Septagon was recreated as its own forum[5]. HFCS was also created as the new home for the moderators, now known as Forum Ninjas, and it’s been their home ever since.

From April 2004-January 2013, Groups were much like the overall Bungie website, offering a private forum with their own moderators, different members titles, a way to organize events, and the ability to post articles, news, and more.

During the 2007 Bungie.net website update, Groups were taken offline for maintenance. After being absent from the website for nearly a month and a half, Groups returned to the site on May 2, 2007 to the astonishment and delight of the Bungie Community.

On July 4, 2014[6], in Bungie's Weekly Update, Community Manager DeeJ told people to claim Group names to use for Destiny 1 clans. On Aug. 22, 2014[7], after the Destiny Public Beta ended, it was confirmed that Destiny 1 players would need to join a Group and convert that Group into a Clan (or create a Clan that will also create a Group).

Clan Groups

Clan Groups were user-created groups on Bungie.net that were linked to a Destiny 1 clan from Destiny release in 2014 to Destiny 2’s release in 2017. These Group Clans provided a place for clan members to discuss upcoming online-meetings or tournaments and/or to discuss clan-related issues, and strategies. When they were active, Group Clans could form an Alliance with another Group Clan.

When Destiny 2 released in 2017, these were abandoned and separated completely into Destiny 2 Clans.

Groups Statuses

Groups have the options to be

  1. Open - allowing anyone to join.
  2. Private - restricting membership to only members who are accepted into the Group by a current member or administrator with the appropriate level of security privileges.
  3. Closed - not allowing anyone to join.

Dead Group

A Dead Group is a Group on Bungie.net that has little or no "activity" (posting, content, or news updates). The term does not have a hard-and-fast definition, but rather is a matter of opinion. Although everyone would agree that a group with zero posts or other content for the last three months is dead, opinions might vary as to whether a group with only a few posts per week is actually "dead" or not. Ultimately, it is a matter of an individual's own opinion.

It is undisputed, however, that the vast majority of Groups on Bungie.net are indeed "dead," containing zero or few posts in months. This can be attributed to the ease of creating a group and their proliferation on Bungie.net among a relatively small handful of users. As of May, 2007, only 5.68%[8] of all active users on Bungie.net were members of a group. (this number is speculated to have increased after the popularity of Iris and CompoundIntelligence in 2007). It's unknown the number of active users is who use Groups as of 2021.

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