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Groups are private, individualized, and discreet forums on Bungie.net that are separate from the main public forums. Groups are different from Destiny Clans.



Groups used to be known as "Chapters" and were created on Nov. 14, 2001[1], when Bungie.net relaunched and introduced the Seventh Column, the “Official Bungie fan club and underground army.” It was established to help Bungie pave the way toward World Domination and foster development of the Bungie community.

As a part of the Seventh Column, members could create their own Chapters (now known as Groups). On March 12, 2002[2], Yeroen (Max Hoberman) created “Chapter Founders[3],” a gathering place for all chapter administrators. It was here where “The Septagon[4]” was born, a forum to discuss ways to improve the Seventh Column.

To moderate this forum, Yeroen promoted a few Chapter members to become Forum Moderators (now known as Forum Ninjas). They served until the site relaunched in 2004 when The Septagon was recreated as its own forum[5]. HFCS was also created as the new home for the moderators, and it’s been their home ever since.

From April 2004-January 2013, Groups were much like the overall Bungie website, offering a private forum with their own moderators, different members titles, a way to organize events, and the ability to post articles, news, and more.

During the 2007 Bungie.net website update, Groups were taken offline for maintenance. After being absent from the website for nearly a month and a half, Groups returned to the site on May 2, 2007, to the delight of the Bungie Community.

Throughout the various iterations of Groups, themes were created that the community could utilize.

Destiny Group Clans[]

On July 4, 2014[6], in Bungie's Weekly Update, Community Manager DeeJ told the community to claim Group names to use for Destiny Clans. On Aug. 22, 2014[7], after the Destiny Public Beta ended, it was confirmed that Destiny players would need to join a Group and convert it into a Clan (or create a Clan which would automatically create a Group).

These Group Clans were available from Destiny's release in 2014 to Destiny 2’s release in 2017. These Group Clans provided a place for clan members to discuss upcoming online-meetings or tournaments and/or to discuss clan-related issues, and strategies. When they were active, Group Clans could form an Alliance with another Group Clan.

When Destiny 2 released in 2017, Group Clans were abandoned and separated completely into Destiny 2 Clans.

The End of Groups[]

On October 12, 2023,[8] the Bungie announced in This Week in Destiny that Groups would be shutting down due to a decrease in usage over the past decade.

Within the past six months, out of the 5.1-million Groups that have been created, only 65 were active with at least one post in them. Breaking that down further, only 16 were active in the past month, 10 of those had over 10 posts in them, and only 3 broke over 100 posts.

~ Bungie on Groups

Bungie said that they had been postponing the decision for several years, but with Marathon's announcement, and other IPs on the way, the website needs to be upgraded and older features that aren't being used will begin shutting down. A timeline wasn't given, but they did say that over the new few months, Groups would be set to read-only to allow users to view them and save anything they'd like.

Group Statuses[]

Membership Options[]

Groups have the options to be:

  1. Open to New Members- allowing anyone to join.
  2. Open to New Members with Admin Approval - restricting membership to only members who are accepted into the Group by a current member or administrator with the appropriate level of security privileges.
  3. Closed to New Members - not allowing anyone to join.

Dead Group[]

A Dead Group is a Group on Bungie.net that has little or no "activity" (posting, content, or news updates). The term does not have a hard-and-fast definition, but rather is a matter of opinion. Although everyone would agree that a group with zero posts or other content for the last three months is dead, opinions might vary as to whether a group with only a few posts per week is actually "dead" or not. Ultimately, it is a matter of an individual's own opinion.

It is undisputed, however, that the vast majority of Groups on Bungie.net are indeed "dead," containing zero or few posts in months. This can be attributed to the ease of creating a Group and their proliferation on Bungie.net among a relatively small handful of users. As of May, 2007, only 5.68%[9] of all active users on Bungie.net were members of a group. (this number is speculated to have increased after the popularity of Iris and CompoundIntelligence in 2007). It's unknown the number of active users is who use Groups as of 2023.

Group Themes[]

Group Themes were pre-made templates of images and colors that Bungie.net members could use to customize their private Group. There were many themes made for the various iterations of the website throughout the years. Some themes were created by members of the community; if their theme was implemented they were given the Theme Master title.

Notable Groups[]

Name Mission Statement Founder Founded Year or Date ID
Albuquerque Sucks I'm not much for gaming anymore, let's go hiking instead Ape ManCaptain K Mart November 15, 2001 10 on old site, 4 on new
Ask Your Ninja Simple. This is a place to ask your Ninjas questions. On rules, what it's like to be one, anything. ImTriForceGuy March 20, 2010 10888
Atlas Official Bungie Group for Community Forge Variant Submissions for Halo 3 Matchmaking. We deliver! Shishka August 29, 2008 5151
Art and Stuff A place for anyone and everyone who loves, creates, or follows art here on Bungie.net. Come and share your own art or comment on others. Lets inspire each other! Painters, writers, musicians, photographers, all artists are welcome! Please read the Guidelines before posting. Calcarlson January 20, 2013 39813
Aurora Project Forging a new era. There are a lot of varying opinions and feelings on Bungie, Destiny, and the 7th Column as a whole; the one consistency is that a lot of the cool projects and the culture of the 7th Column have drowned under the flood of new users. The Aurora Project (AP) seeks to recruit the best users the 7th Column has to offer to help carry it's legacy into these new times. LordRollin October 9, 2014 486093
Average Joes Carefully selected by the tender hands of Bungie... or just randomly drawn from a hat. Borrowedchief November 3, 2009 9816
Best of Bungie Favorites Best of Bungie Favorites is intended to serve as a place exclusively for favorite authors. Here we can share our stories about how we got on Bungie Favorites and meet other favorite authors throughout the Bungie community. Our members all come from different groups and backgrounds, but all of us are etched into Bungie Favorites forever. Carnage November 28, 2009 8177
The Bathroom Reader A weekly Seventh Column update ash55 July 10, 2011 17132
The Black Chapter Formed so that you may discuss the topics forbidden in the main forums. Politics, religion, all that good stuff. Then they done gone and legalised all the topics, so I guess this place is just a meeting ground for people who like to discuss that stuff. Eagle 117 February 4, 2005 280
Black Water Ops B.W.O. - One of Bungie.net's most active and fun organization's in the world has now ventured onto it's own site. From game nights & contests to special ranks and clan matches, we got it all! Enlist today and we'll .... "See you on the Battlefield!" Mister Magoo April 30, 2009 4086
Bnet Regulars Hideout for older community members on bungie.net. You will only find musings and bickering beyond this endless hallway of endless doors. Community is only as strong as its weakest member, so naturally Dunbar's number applies. Spawn April 21, 2011 16071
Bungie Jumpers Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate GameJunkieJim October 20, 2004 160
Bungie Mail Sack Welcome to the Post Office. Every week, these doors open so that the #Community can submit questions to be answered by #Bungie. Follow this group to get in on the action and be a part of the conversation. DeeJ March 3, 2013 39699
The Bungie Podcast The Official Group for the now hibernating Bungie podcast. lukems January 18, 2008 2442
Bungie Sightings The official, hairy, muscular Seventh Column arm of Bungie Sightings (bs.bungie.org). MiguelLouis Wu November 15, 2001

Nov. 5, 2004

7 on old site, 3 on new
BungieNet IRC An alternate meeting place for the unofficial Bungie.net IRC channel. Primo84 April 10, 2009 7725
Bungiepedia @BpediaTeam | Made by the Community for the Community! SS_Zag1 May 6, 2007 1343
BUNGLE Bungie Ultimate Ninja Gaming League EXTREME Killane April 1, 2009 6989
Cake Bakers Anonymous Tears filled the eyes of the hearers, and the stone walls shook with cries of victory. urk August 24, 2010 12820
Chapter Founders A gathering place for all chapter administrators. Learn from the accumulated wisdom of other founders and discuss ways to make the Seventh Column a better place. Evil Otto March 12, 2002 21
Community Carnage The Community Carnage is a Seventh Column tradition of public game nights on bungie.net. For over a decade! TRU7H. CARNAGE. BUNGIE. stosh February 13, 2011 15287
Community Cartographers This group represents major Halo community entities who are committed to contributing awesome Forge World content to Reach matchmaking. urk September 27, 2010 13449
Community Joes Since Bungie's Average Joes are few and far between this group is dedicated to the community running their own version. Members will be interviewed by designated members of the group staff and hopefully we can make it to the homepage. Clone Outcast March 28, 2011 15804
CompoundIntelligence Solving and unraveling the mysteries of the Superintendent, and archiving vast amounts of information about the IRIS ARG and the Halo Universe. x FoMan123 x June 11, 2007 1422
Council of Spartans Our goal is to create a strong, active, and fun group with great leadership, government, and history. We've got 4 out of the 6 nailed so... we need to come up with a new list. Peacemaker777 November 8, 2006 1172
Coup D Bungie This group is home to the largest customization community on bungie.net! CAVX June 10, 2008 8263
The Cutting Edge Custom Content creators unite! This group is the ONLY place you can find the latest and greatest custom content created by Halo 3 players. Members get access to our in-depth Forge, Screenshot, Film, and Gametype guides. Learn from the Pros! Join today. Debo37 December 30, 2008 6101
Dead Mans Hand A group of awesome PAX-going people who play everything, from forum games, to game nights, and more! DMH is just bunch of friends that play Destiny, discuss events, and ride dinosaurs. 18+ DMHCook September 10, 2010 13082
Destinypedia Welcome to the official group for Destinypedia, we're the first and original destiny wiki. Feel free to help this awesome community project. http://destiny.wikia.com Azelote December 27, 2011 18278
Facility B5D Named after the ONI Ordnance Testing Facility B5D that designed and tested the Mark VI MJOLNIR Powered Assault Recon for the Spartan-IIs, B5D is a community for those who won Recon armor in Halo 3. The group then opened to everyone when ODST came out. teck March 2, 2008 2812
Flood V2 Old members and new alike, enjoy your stay. Dojoe89 June 30, 2009 4762
Fomans Mom Doing Foman's mom, one thread at a time. This group is here to talk about Foman's mom, and the wonderful pleasures she gives all of us. Duardo July 1, 2008 4463
For Carnage Apply Within Weekly Myth and Marathon games since 2008 GameJunkieJim August 6, 2007 1535
Forever Forgers Forge the Future JPeloquin218 May 8, 2009 7472
ForgeWorld Guides for setting up gametypes, general info, etc. JonnyOThan October 8, 2010 13684
The Friends List TFL's goal is to give regulars of #Offtopic a safe haven for posting, and to maintain the culture of The Flood Forum, changing into an open, yet slightly selective, community for posting about anything. El Burninator June 9, 2014 99465
Greasemonkeys Greasemonkeys started as a center for users of the Coup d'Bungie script written by CAVX. Now, this group is home to anything involving current Bungie.net userscripts, in addition to interests in developing any other scripts that might aid the Bungie.net experience. CAVX June 15, 2008 4123
The Grizzled Ancients A place for veteran and new community members alike. Matty McDee July 21, 2015 1128196
Halo 3 Academy The Halo 3 Academy is a place where both experienced and new players come together to try and learn from each other, we aim to teach the new guys and help them along rather than crushing them under our boots. You do not need to be MLG Pro in order to instruct other players, we just ask that you're mature enough and have a good amount of knowledge about what you intend to teach. Welcome to the Halo 3 Academy. Lord Vardel January 27, 2008 2540
Halo 3 in the Work PLace We at Halo 3 in The Work Place seek to provide a shelter from the young whippersnappers that overrun Halo 3 match making. We of the Work Place take pride in being able to work a full day and have our nights to play with players of a finer vintage. The Work Place is a group for seriously fun gaming as there’s too much crap to be stressed out about. VENOM MDK January 4, 2008 2378
HBO Junkies Bungie addicts, all - south central Connecticut (New Haven to Waterbury, and all points nearby) center for Bungie insanity. House is wired, and TVs are ready... Louis Wu November 16, 2001 20
HFCS The exclusive dark lair of the Ninjas who moderate Bungie.net. We are somewhat evil. stosh September 23, 2004 121
HLG Welcome to the Official HLG Group of Bungie.net. We are the original HLG (Hidden League Gaming) group of Bungie.net. This group is different from most because, unlike most people, we tactically conceal our locations in matchmaking. © 2008 Hidden League Gaming Lord Durandal April 11, 2008 3338
KOTOR Welcome to KOTOR! Join us and participate in one of the largest and most active Off-topic/Science fiction groups on Bungie.net! Muno September 3, 2005 602
Laid Back Gamers Laid Back Gamers (LBG) is a clan devoted to enjoyment of every match, win or lose. Always give it your all and play to win, as long as you're having fun. General Yayap August 13, 2007 1544
Last Refuge Welcome to Last Refuge. PFDRINSTR_117 May 5, 2008 3643
[Lettuce] This is a PRIVATE chapter for specially invited members. If you have not been specifically, specially, or spectacularly invited, you will not be accepted. Sketch October 4, 2004 88
The Marty Army Welcome to the Marty Army. Please chop your mullet at the door. Yeroen October 12, 2001 1
Mehves Aerie (woops, we lost the apostrophe in "Mehve's Aerie")

We're all about art. Art in games, in comics... anime... stuff. Plus, I need a way to test this part of the site anyways. :)

mehve October 5, 2004 82
Minecrafters Welcome to Minecrafters; Bungie.net's place for all things Minecraft, and home of Bnet Minecrafters. All of humanity September 27, 2010 13461
Mjolnir Battle Tactics Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small people who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.

Know your Weapons. Know your Enemy. Know the Combat Zone.

Guardian Hunter January 28, 2005 293
Mob of Angry Peasants We play a lot of Halo and some Myth when we're not busy overthrowing outdated imperialistic repressive governments... Our area of operation is Western North Carolina. Our headquarters for launching attacks is a place we call the "Needmore Shack." There is nothing worse than to oppose a Mob of Angry Peasants! Poor and freedomless, we have nothing to lose in our quest. Chris547 January 12, 2002
Muintir Irish Pub A cold pint in your hand, the company of friends, and good times to be had. This is a gathering place for all of the Community which mirrors the vibe you may find at any fine Irish Pub. Helveck July 6, 2010 11986
Myth@Bungie.Org Myth players and Myth@Bungie.Org readers. forrest November 16, 2001 11
Mythic Members Mythic Members is the cool place to hang out. You can find most of the cool people there. In Mythic Members you can just chill and do whatever and totally relax. "Take it easy" is the Mythic Members motto, for example, that's how laid back it is there. Show up if you want to have a good time. Another good reason to show up is if you want to hang out with friends. 04 or Bust Halo53 April 23, 2008 3493
New Flood This an off-topic Group and Forum. It's kind of like the Flood, sometimes with less moderation and sometimes with more. We're super cool, but you might hate us. So come in at your own risk.

All your Flood are belong to us.

I WILL KILL YOU June 4, 2007 1410
Northwest Halo Players Coalition of Halo players in the Seattle area, for the purposes of LAN parties, mordia November 14, 2001 2
NYC Bungie-holics Local NYC chapter of the Seventh Column. Get together and hang with fellow Bungie gamers haveblue November 16, 2001

Nov. 13, 2004

6 old site, 2 on new
Owners of the Katana Welcome to Owners of the Katana, or OTK! This is a Private Group for those that have achieved recognizable feats in Bungie titles, from unlocking the Halo 3 Katana to having perfect gamerscore in Halo: Reach. If you have a positive attitude and enjoy a friendly, active forum then OTK is right up your alley! XIX Goodeye XIX December 21, 2007 2302
Penny Arcade Expo Where the Bungie community plans gatherings for PAX events. Feel free to plan for other events such as E3, Magfest, ComicCon, or RTX! PAX West: Seattle, WA (around Labor Day weekend) 1-4 September PAX Aus: Melbourne, AUS (Fall/Winter) PAX South: San Antonio, TX (late January) PAX East: Boston, MA (late winter, early spring) Cortana Five February 10, 2014 64934
Pimps at Sea RPG A chapter dedicated to the RPG fan game Pimps at Sea SS_Zag1 March 4, 2007 1321
PM Duardo Have questions? Make sure to PM Duardo. x FoMan123 x July 2, 2008 4385
Sapphire Sapphire is one of the longest-living and most famous communities on Bungie, with a history spanning over six years (this is not our first forum!), millions of posts, and so many in-jokes we had to create our own history archive to help us remember them all. Then we got tired of Bungie mistreating private groups and made our own website. Valery July 29, 2010 12337
SAS Halo3 Pain is just weakness leaving the body. Mullink September 27, 2008 4621
Seasoned Veterans life check, randal Boost Deuce August 13, 2009 8697
Seventh Column Troopers If you are looking for old posts, no one to talk to, and lots of dust... then look no further! SCT has been long deceased. The memories will live on though! American Recoil December 15, 2006 1229
Seventh Conflux The Seventh Column has a rich history of game nights and community projects stretching back farther than many can recall. While the times have changed, and will always continue to, the Seventh Conflux (7CX) stands as a Vanguard, bringing forward the history of old with our rich traditions and culture into this new era. LordRollin February 25, 2015 520845
The Spartan I Project Make friends, unlock achievements and blow stuff up! Mahdi May 8, 2008 3656
Team Mythic Team Mythic is a chapter that consists of an actively participating community and supports nearly all of your interests. Above all, jump feet first into hell in our daily discussions and meet some new friends in our community. vanert February 19, 2009 6518
Thee Warriors Bungie.net's local symposium. MADBALL January 7, 2006 775
Theme Builders The function of Theme Builders is to offer insight and output for those seeking to become Theme Masters. We submit Themes to the Webteam and offer 7th Column members more diversity in their group Themes. SniperStealth July 2, 2008 4352
Theme Masters Offering advice for aspiring theme artists, and leading the theme-building revolution for the new 7th Column! Sir Fragula July 6, 2005 498
Waaahmbulance A Collection of the Hall-of-Fame Greatest PMs Ever Sent to Moderators! WARNING: Profanity and graphic language x FoMan123 x July 10, 2008
We Blame stosh We blame stosh for everything wrong in the world. He's responsible for all of it. And we won't stop until the whole world blames him. DAMN YOU STOSH! halo2mnky August 24, 2007 1571
Welcoming Committee Community Volunteers dedicated to providing assistance in the #Help forum, providing Help Articles or Troubleshooting Documents to players experiencing issues with Destiny or Destiny 2. White Gloves, Gold Standards: All Mentors have been appointed by Destiny Player Support at Bungie. DeeJ January 15, 2013 18405
The WorkPLace We seek to provide a shelter from the young whippersnappers that overrun online gaming. We take pride in being able to work a full day and have our nights to play with players of a finer vintage. The WorkPLace is a group for seriously fun gaming. (Formerly "Halo 3 in The WorkPLace") JoeSki73 August 30, 2010 12839

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