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Gummy Bears is an upcoming game from Bungie.

In August 2019, Bungie announced that they were working on a new incubation projects that would be “a team-based action game inspired by several genres in a brand-new, science-fantasy universe. It draws inspiration from fighting games, platformers, MOBAs, life sims, and frog-type games, wrapped up in a lighthearted, comedic world.”

Characters will allegedly feature “colourful and cute” designs and will feature “an almost neon-like appearance”. That would align with previous job listings posted by Bungie, which have described the game as “something comedic with lighthearted and whimsical characters”.

The report also claims that the project is codenamed “Gummy Bears“. If a trademark filing from 2018 is anything to go by, the game’s final name might be Matter.

The game is allegedly “still in the early stages of development”. Earlier this year, Microsoft stated in court documents that Bungie’s Matter was expected to release sometime in 2025.