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Halo Chronicles was the name of Peter Jackson's now-cancelled Halo game. It was going to feature a marine as the main protagonist where the marine would acquire Covenant technology that would attach to their arm. Players would go through an emotional and gameplay journey from being a regular human to a modified human, with the body actually changing to fit the technology.


You were able to switch into this completely different combat mode, where the only way you could do damage was through a powerful melee attack. Players would have had two hand weapons. One would push enemies away from you, and the other stunned them where they were. You also had a double jump and an auto-aimed long distance dash that you could do from the air.

The first five missions of Halo 3 were rebuilt just to see how they would play with this prototype, including no shields. Because the player would be weaker than the Master Chief, the AI was changed so that less enemies would engage the player.

Eventually, the player would become a Promethean.


  • These concepts would be incorporated into Halo 3: ODST (marine with no shields), and Halo 4-5, and Halo Infinite (Prometheans).
  • Neill Blomkamp would take the idea of a human wearing alien technology and turning into an alien by creating the movie, District 9.