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Hamish Sinclair is the "grandaddy of all Bungie Fans" and has been a Bungie fan since the company's inception. He has maintained the Marathon Store Page on Bungie.org since the mid-1990s.[1]


  • In Marathon Infinity, Sinclair was included in the credits under "Special Thanks."[2]
  • A secret level in Marathon Infinity was named "Hats Off to Eight Nineteen" in reference to Sinclair.[3][4] The eighth letter of the alphabet is H and the nineteenth letter is S. Interestingly enough, 819 divided by 7 is the Master Chief's service number, 117.
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Marathon: Durandal, an achievement called "Hats off to 819" can be unlocked for reading every terminal in the game.[5]
  • One of Bungie's old mottos, "Tru7h" was created by Sinclair.[6]
  • Sinclair was the person who Cortana emailed during alternate reality game, the Cortana Letters.[7]
  • His first known appearance in the United States was at Mac World Expo in July 2000 for Bungie FanFest III, where he was given his nickname, the "grandaddy of all Bungie Fans.[8]