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I like pie

The first screen of the "I LIKE PIE" terminal in the Halo: Reach Tribute Room

I LIKE PIE is a reference in the Halo: Reach Tribute Room to a Bungie.net thread that Bungie employee Paul Russell created in April 2008.

The thread itself, now deleted, used all-caps and was entitled, "DO YOU LIKE PIE?"



The original pie thread

On April 18, 2008, a user named "drabominable" posted a thread in the Halo 3 Forum on Bungie.net entitled, "DO YOU LIKE PIE?" with a poll of many different kinds of pie. The user then ended the post with "I LIKE PIE!!!" and asked that everyone list their favorite one.

Recon Number 54, a Forum Ninja moderator at the time, determined[1] that the thread was off topic for the Halo 3 forum, locked the thread, and banned the user. They sent a private message to Recon, asking why they were banned and then said that they worked for Bungie. Recon didn't believe them, replying in jest that they should go to Achronos desk and ask that he unban them. Russell then filed a bug report about the ban.

The next day, Recon was talking to Shishka, a Bungie employee and Forum Ninja, about the ban. Shishka then informed him that drabominable was actually an employee and that the entire office was in an uproar of laughter about it. Recon then unlocked the thread, moved it to the Flood Forum, and requested that drabominable be unbanned.

The thread was around from April 17, 2008-March 24, 2009, and while some users answers with a standard "yes" or "no, some wrote massive philosophical arguments as to why pie was such a wonderful food, and vice versa, reaching over 170 pages and over 4,250 comments[2]. Multiple moderators and other employees also partook in the discussion.

As time went on, the thread came under scrutiny for breaking the "no all-caps thread titles" rule that all normal users of the website had to follow[3]. A separate thread was created to discuss if the pie thread should be locked or remain as it, quickly becoming a long lasting topic of debate from frequenters of the Flood Forum and Septagon Forum. Eventually, the pie thread and the discussion thread were deleted, angering the Floodians.

Original Thread[]





Please to list your favorite pie.


April 24[4] - The following was added after the above:

The universe hangs by a thread...

...only pie will save us.

Look to the skies.

May 30[5] - The following was added after the original post and the April 24 edit:

If you wish to vote for Wuyie's wang, please vote for the cookie.

July 4[6] - The following replaced the April 24 and May 30 edits:

On the seventh day, there was pie. It's on the menu.

This thread is yours, do with it what you will. Have fun. Be nice. Eat pie.

July 29[7] - The following replaced all of the edits and the "Please to list your favorite pie." sentence:

Have fun. Be nice. Eat pie.

Eat apple pie:


August 11[8] - The following replaced all of the previous edits, keeping only the "I LIKE PIE!!!" line:

Well, my little experiment will be coming to an end this Friday. When I told you all that this was a place to loosen up and have fun, I meant it. But it's had it's time and it's gone on longer than I expected it to. Why? Because it IS a dumb topic for a thread, which is fine because dumb is ok.

After all, most people do like pie, generally it makes people happy, and happy is good. It seems that people like a nice cookie better and that's o-k.

The nice cookie is not just a non sequitur (well, mostly it is but...), when it comes to desserts there are a quite a few favored options, and to be fair, I should name them now, in case you still want to chime in.




Ice Cream


Pastries (specifically cannoli, which is my favorite dessert. Also, is pie a pastry or is it just pie? Please wiki it for me, o-k?

If I left any out please post before I close this topic.

I had expected this thread to just whither but in keeps getting bumped, but not for the reasons you'd think it would get bumped.

It seems there are two types of people keeping this thread going, people who like it and people who hate it.

The people who hate it mystify me when they post. Normally when I see a topic in any forum I'm not into, I just blow right by it or I type the two most important words one can type if they don't like a topic. Wait for it...


What I find intriguing about the 'why is this thread still alive?' posts is that it is kind of like standing in a desert and screaming 'why is it hot?' It's not like the desert is just going to suddenly decide to not be hot anymore. The desert will cool of when it darn well pleases.

Anyway, I hope that all the pie lovers, cookie lovers and angry people managed to have a fun time here.

Any thoughts?

The Abominable Dr. Abominable

December 27[9] - All of the above edits were deleted, replacing them with the original body:


Please to list your favorite pie.

Results of the Poll[]

As of the last known archived version of the thread from February 16, 2009:

Total Votes: 4725

  1. A NICE COOKIE - 35% (1665 Votes)
  2. APPLE PIE:  27% (1257 Votes)
  3. PUMPKIN PIE:  18% (848 Votes)
  4. CHERRY PIE:  8% (371 Votes)
  5. BLUEBERRY PIE:  7% (339 Votes)
  6. PECAN PIE:  5% (245 Votes)


  • As mentioned above, a reference to the pie thread was found in the Halo: Reach Tribute Room. It's very possible that Paul Russell was the one who worked on this room, or at least, inserted the easter egg.
  • In 2018[10], Community Manager dmg04 created a copy of the original thread in tribute to it.