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Bungie Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Associations (IDEAs, formerly known as Inclusion Clubs) are special-interest groups of Bungie employees who are dedicated to uplifting the voice of their underrepresented community. The groups help connect those with similar cultural backgrounds and those who wish to connect as support allies.

They are a part of Bungie's Diversity Committee, and provide employees resources and time to improve Bungie and Destiny by providing culturally relevant perspectives, advice, and ideas on everything from organizational culture to the products they create.


The concept of ID&E Associations came from the Bungie Diversity Committee (BDC), which is dedicated to improving Bungie’s standards for all matters of diversity and inclusion. While the BDC addresses broader issues of diversity, ID&E Associations were created to support the goals of specific underrepresented groups, and to provide employees with resources and budget that they can use to support the causes that matter to them.[1]

"One of Bungie's core values is wanting everyone to feel that their identity is welcome. This goes for both players feeling welcome in our games, and employees feeling welcome in our studio. It means evaluating our communication, listening and learning to different viewpoints, and amplifying underrepresented voices. While this is not a problem that can be solved overnight, it is an ongoing effort for Bungie employees throughout the company. " - Bungie, March 31, 2021[2]

Black at Bungie[]

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Black@Bungie Logo

Be Heard Pin

Be Heard Pin

The first ID&E Association formed at Bungie was Black@Bungie.[1] The Association's goals are to celebrate and uplift Black employees at the studio and to have an open dialog around racial equality and justice, both at the studio and beyond.

Following the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery in 2020, and the rise in protests across the United States demanding policy and societal change, Black at Bungie helped to inform and shape Bungie's public statements and actions, such as the support of the Black Lives Matter movement.[3] That included a "Be Heard" pin and emblem from the Bungie Store[4] where all profits from the sales of the Be Heard Collectible Pin & Emblem will benefit the Equal Justice Initiative (eji.org).

In May 2022,[5] Bungie and Black at Bungie responded to the tragic Buffalo, NY terrorist attack.[6] The Be Heard pin was promoted heavily at the Bungie Store, and for at least one year, all profits from the pin were donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center a charity whose work includes monitoring hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States and exposing their activities to the public, the media, and law enforcement. The Association said they would partner with the Player Support and Community teams to "see how we can bolster our ongoing efforts to maintain safe and anti-racist spaces in which our players and fans can come together." They then called for other game studios and communities to continue examining their own platforms and "invest in practices to combat biogratry in all its manifestations."

In May 2023,[7] the Association announced that their membership grew exponentially in the previous year, they continued to partner with Yale University to help them with their research to improve video graphics for skin and hair, as well as continued to be a sponsor of Game Devs of Color Expo.

Trans at Bungie[]

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Trans@Bungie Logo

The Trans@Bungie ID&E Association was shared publicly on International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31, 2021.[2] The Association was created to connect trans and non-binary individuals, and those who wish to reach out as supportive allies. The Association has engaged in multiple conversations about improving the environment at Bungie, ranging from conversations about healthcare options to vetting plans for the studio remodel. Trans at Bungie is also looking to improve Destiny 2 with player-facing updates.

Pride pin 2

Pride Pin 1.0 and 2.0

In November 2021,[8][9] Bungie sent out a message in Destiny 2 raising transgender awareness and said that, throughout the month, profits of the Pride Pin at the Bungie Store[10] will go to TransLifeline. A new trans pride "Be True" emblem was also released for free to all players using the following code: ML3-FD4-ND9.[11]

A new version of the Pride Pin (2.0) was announced in June 2022 during Pride month.[12] The redesign included trans colors to be more inclusive while also directly helping the communities that Pride celebrates.

Trans Pride Emblem Announcement C

Trans Pride Emblem

They partnered with Pride@Bungie in October 2022 to speak to the LGBTQIA+ community about coming out, the struggles that come with doing so, and that all of Bungie is supportive.[13] To celebrate the day, a "End of the Rainbow" Destiny 2 transmat effect was released for free to all players using the following code: R9J-79M-J6C. In addition, wallpapers of Destiny 2 LGBTQIA+ characters were released.

In November 2022,[14] the Association was spotlighted in Bungie's TWAB during Trans Awareness Week, ending on Transgender Day of Remembrance. "We here at Trans@Bungie and Bungie as a whole support our transgender and gender nonconforming community, and hope that you will join us in celebrating those who have come before, those with us, and those who will come after us," the Association said. "May your lights continue to shine radiant and proud, as all stars are part of the larger sky, and the world would be darker without you."

In June 2023, the Association partnered with Pride@Bungie to celebrate Pride month by discussing why Pride is important and giving Destiny 2 players a new and free "Rainbow Connection" emote that displays the LGBTQIA+ flag colors in a rainbow that the players creates above their head, with text displayed to players in their feed as "Player appreciates everyone," and, if looking at a player, "Player appreciates Player." The following code can be used to obtain the emote: TK7-D3P-FDF.

Women at Bungie[]

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Women@Bungie Logo

International womens day pin

International Women's Day Pin

In June 2021, Bungie launched the Women@Bungie ID&E Association.[15] The Association was created to uplift the voices of Bungie employees who identify as women, to build an equitable work environment where women can thrive, and to advocate for women in the broader game industry. The Association's mission is to “provide a safe, empowering space to share our common experiences as women, a place to build a network, and give and receive practical and emotional support. We can also be a force for education and change within the company by supporting diversity and inclusion efforts to improve the experience of women as part of the larger company efforts.”[15]

In March, the Association helped create the collectible International Women's Day pin from the Bungie Store[16] to celebrate Women's History Month. All profits throughout March were donated to AnitaB.org. Now, all profits are donated to organizations dedicated to combatting the patterns of historic discrimination, harassment, and abuse of women as well as to helping women pursue careers in the gaming and tech industry.[16]

The Association has numerous projects and priorities for 2021 and beyond, including holding an annual women’s career panel, welcoming new hires through “virtual tea,” building an internal mentoring program, and most recently creating topical presentations such as the recent “Designing for Inclusion,” which was presented to Bungie’s game designers.

Accessibility at Bungie[]

AccessibilityAtBungie NewLogo

Accessibility@Bungie Logo (2023)

The Accessibility@Bungie ID&E Association was introduced on September 29, 2021.[17] The Association was created to make everyone feel welcome in Bungie's games and at their company, for they believe that everyone should be able to participate in their games regardless of their ability or if they identify as having a disability, and for their employees and guests to have a welcoming and inclusive environment.

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First Logo (2021)

The Association's mission is to educate everyone in the company on identifying barriers, to improve workplace accessibility, to make material improvements to the playability of Bungie’s games, and to partner with organizations within the gaming industry who are dedicated to game accessibility.

Everyone can play pin

Everyone Can Play Pin

It was announced in their Association's article[17] that an Auto-Fire feature would be introduced into Destiny 2 soon. The Association also announced the intention of creating a mental health resource article and an accessibility forum to find issues quicker.

As part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October, the Association helped create a Disability Awareness collectible pin called "Everyone Can Play" from the Bungie Store.[18] Throughout October, all profits went to the AbleGamers Charity, and afterward, profits will be collected to distribute to other organizations to that accessibility-related work.

In April 2023,[19] it was announced that many accessibility changes were being revamped or added into Destiny 2, including colorblind settings revamp, reticle changes, full auto melee settings, confirm and cancel toggle settings, a new yellow subtitle color option, and Commendations being built with colorblind settings in mind.

Pride at Bungie[]

Pride at Bungie Logo

Pride at Bungie Logo

Pride 2023 Pin

Pride Pin 2.0 and the Infinite Prismatic Emblem

Pride@Bungie was officially announced in June 2023,[20] sharing why Pride matters, and giving Destiny 2 players a new and free "Rainbow Connection" emote that displays the LGBTQIA+ flag colors in a rainbow that the players creates above their head, with text displayed to players in their feed as "Player appreciates everyone," and, if looking at a player, "Player appreciates Player." The following code can be used to obtain the emote: TK7-D3P-FDF.

The Association was first mentioned in Bungie's National Coming Out Day October 2022 article.[13] They partnered with Trans@Bungie to speak to the LGBTQIA+ community about coming out, the struggles that come with doing so, and that all of Bungie is supportive. To celebrate the day, a "End of the Rainbow" Destiny 2 transmat effect was released for free to all players using the following code: R9J-79M-J6C. In addition, wallpapers of Destiny 2 LGBTQIA+ characters were released.

Their motto is "Super Iris Ad Astra (Over the Rainbow to the Stars)."

Asians at Bungie[]

Stand with asians pin

Stand With Asians Pin

Asians@Bungie began at the end of 2021 in response to the rising discrimination and violence against AANHPI communities, but was publicly announced in 2023.[21] Their mission is to uplift their fellow AANHPI employees, provide Bungie diverse insight of AANHPI cultures, and to support local AANHPI communities.


Harmonic Waves Emblem

After many rounds of discussing creative directions, revising designs, and generous support from internal Inclusion Diversity & Equity and Consumer Products teams, they debuted the Stand With Asians pin and accompanying Harmonic Waves emblem.

The design of the pin reflects Bungie’s geographical relationship with the AANHPI communities across and within the Pacific Ocean. The background is a topographical outline of the Pacific Ocean, the clouds represent our one sky, and the seven-petaled tea flower is our hope in sharing a cup of tea with all seven continents, and because Bungie.

Veteran Vanguard[]

Veteran Jumpmaster Charity Emote

Jumpmaster Emote

Bungie-Store-Carousel Look Up Emblem Mobile 904x600

Ghost Pin and Emblem

In September 2023,[22] the newest Bungie employee-led inclusion association was introduced: Veteran Vanguard. The association teamed up with the Bungie Foundation and Team Rubicon, a veteran-led humanitarian aid nonprofit, to announce a brand new Jumpmaster emote from Eververse where all profits was split between the Foundation and Team Rubicon.

In addition, the Bungie Store launched the Jumpmaster Ghost Pin along with a "Look Up" emblem code.[23]

Veteran Vanguard's mission is to make sure veterans at Bungie "feel cared for and support, especially those that may be struggling with the difficult transition back to the civilian world."[24]

Latin at Bungie[]

LatinAtBungie 1920x590

Lation@Bungie logo

During Hispanic Heritage Month in October 2023, the Latin@Bungie association was introduced as one of Bungie's newest Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Associations.[22]

The IDEA began in 2022 "as a way to celebrate our identity, acknowledge our different experiences, help educate the Bungie community about Latin and Hispanic culture, and support our local communities. Ultimately, we aim to improve Latin culture representation in our games and bolster the representation of employees with a Latin or Hispanic background in our company."[22]


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