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Nickname: Mad Max

Classification: MiddleSchool

Current Job: Technical Chair Warmer

Origin: The OC baby!

Blood Type: Hellifiknow

Age: Ask my wife

Weight: Too skinny

Height: About yea big

Girth: Huh?

First Job: Evar? Worked at the AMC Orange Mall 6 in Orange County. Good times.

Hobby: Raising the next ruler(s) of the free world.

Ultimate Halo Match: That one where I totally pwned everyone. TOTALLY! Yeah, that one.

Ultimate Snack: Mangos. Mmmmm, mangos.

Ultimate Website: jhaywood.com, but it's old. Don't go there.

Fake Weapon: My MIND! And it's real.


I was born. I grew up. I learned. I lived. I loved. Now here I am.


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