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~ Ninja 0n Fire

Jeremiah's current avatar.

Jeremiah Pieschl
Employee Overview
UserName Jeremiah
Current Title Space Ninja
Member Since 26.May.2006
Employee Since 2004
Group Count 2
XL Gamertag Level 1 Warrior
Profile Link http://www.bungie.net/Account/profile.aspx?uid=1041322

Jeremiah now works for a secret organization of utmost secrecy; working on web applications which are also secret and we shouldn't be talking about them anyway. You didn't read any of this.


Ninja 0n Fire (Jeremiah Pieschl) was a contractor for Bungie Studios. While he was contracting, he was known as the "Matchmaking DJ" -- setting up playlists, testing them, and putting them into the game to improve the Halo 2 matchmaking experience.

His contract with Bungie has ended, but he still frequents Bungie.net. Ninja 0n Fire had his Bungie.net user name changed to Jeremiah shortly before his contract ended, but reasons as to why he had this done are unknown.

Ninja 0n Fire/Jeremiah has gold text and possesses the custom title "Space Ninja", which he had changed from "Playlist Fungineer" on 8.24.2011. He is currently working on a variety of projects for Bungie, including Bungie Mobile, Bungie Aerospace, and "other stuff."


  • Jeremiah once won a "hottest man" contest back in July 1991. Since then he has been inundated with countless love letters. Suspicions have led many to believe many of said letters were written by The Don Wan.
  • Possibly a reference to the popular Drmcninja webcomic. Drmcninja's father Dan Mcninja sets himself on fire so their ninjas can't catch him.
  • Had a custom member rank "avius custos."
  • Was the Playlist Manager for Halo 2 and Halo: Reach.


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Jeremiah's Bungie Profile

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