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Joe blackburn

Joe Blackburn

This person is a former Bungie Employee

Joe Blackburn is a former game director of Destiny 2. He had been with Bungie since 2015 and announced his departure January 30, 2024,[1] a month before The Final Shape's "End-to-End" playtest and five months before launch of the expansion. Tyson Green replaced him as game director.

Prior to being Destiny 2's game director, he was the creative director for Season of Opulence before briefly departing from the company, returning a year later. He also worked on the raids team for Destiny's King's Fall (which is where he got his Twitter handle "joegoroth" which is a pun for the Golgoroth ogre boss) and Wrath of the Machine raids, and Destiny 2's Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Last Wish, Scourge of the Past, and Crown of Sorrow raids.

Blackburn is married, and the couple have two children.