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Jonas Eneroth is a video game producer, game designer, and developer who worked at Bungie in the mid-1990s. His credits include Abuse, Marathon 2: Durandal, Marathon Infinity, and Myth: The Fallen Lords.[1]

Bungie History[]

Eneroth was attending Georgetown University when he drew the attention of Bungie with game modification and level packs for Marathon.[2][3] He was Bungie's seventh employee to be hired.[4] For his work on Marathon 2: Durandal, he helped port the game from Mac to Windows 95.[5]

"For M2 I re-designed the Win95 version, new textures, alignment, layout as well as clear up and create some bugs. Mostly UI stuff... Mostly."

He would provide community and tools support for the growing map making community around Bungie's games, being "Bungie's very own flameproof guy-on-the-front-line."[6]

In February 1998, Eneroth departed Bungie and moved to London, England.[7]


  • During the development of Myth: The Fallen Lords, Eneroth was smoking a cigarette outside the entrance to the studio one evening and was threatened by an unknown assailant armed with a revolver.[8][9]

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