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My God, I'm making a feature-film!

~ Joseph Staten on Halo2 Cutscenes and Cinematics

Uh, I hate him, actually.

~ Marty O'Donnell on Joe Staten


Joseph Staten is Bungie's Director of Cinematics, as well as their chief scriptwriter. Due to the fact that he had to work on Halo 2's cinematics every day during the development of the project, he once exclaimed "My God, I'm making a feature-film!". His duties as the cinematics guru tend to cross paths with Marty O'Donnell, as the cinematics generally play host to a lot of music scores.

In addition to the game, Staten also assembled the Halo E3 Announcement Trailer. He was responsible for unveiling it at the Bungie Gathering of Fans at the Macworld Expo of 2000.

Joe has worked with Bungie on projects such as Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Oni. Joe has *also worked with Take Two Interactive (http://www.take2games.com) during his tenure as a game developer. Staten will, evidently, be working on the Halo Movie project with Peter Jackson. On September 24, 2013, Bungie announced that Staten had left the company to pursue new creative challenges. 

Joseph rejoined Microsoft studios on January 9, and is working on an unspecific project.


  • Joseph Staten is the voice of the grunts in the Halo games.
  • Joseph Staten uses a Mac.
  • Joseph Staten is extremely short; according to Marty O'Donnell in a Q&A Session, "just about" a foot and a half tall.
  • Joseph Staten likes to use the expression "crack-smoking" quite frequently.
  • Joe and Marty O'Donnell, on one of their many trips to LA for dialog recording, went to the theater to see 28 Days Later which inspired them later, while sharing a hotel room, to start discussing the idea of a Halo movie. However, the discussion quickly ended when the night was soured by something that shall forever be known as "The Spectravision Incident."
  • Joseph Staten taught English in Japan
  • There could be a chance that he is the Superintendant of Bungie.net, as the 8/15/08 update shows he is working on "KEEP IT CLEAN"
  • Nickname: deckard
  • Classification: GrizzledAncients
  • Current Job: Classified
  • Origin: San Francisco, CA
  • Blood Type: Redder than Marty's
  • Age: Younger than Marty
  • Weight: Lighter than Marty
  • Height: Shorter than Marty (doh!)
  • Hair: Thinner than Marty's (DOH!)


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