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This person is a former Bungie Employee

Joseph "Joe" Tung is a former Bungie employee who worked as a production lead for Halo 3, contributed to Halo 3: ODST, and executive producer for Halo: Reach and Destiny.


Joe's Meet the Team page from 2006:[1]

Nickname: New0001 Classification: Old Skool
Current Job: Multiplayer Producer Origin: Ex nihilo
Blood Type: Classified Age: 32
Weight: 12.9 stones Height: 4.044 cubits
Girth: Classified
First Job: Heliotrope
Hobby: Ephemera
Ultimate Halo Match: Hot sniper on sniper action
Ultimate Snack: Chu Toro
Ultimate Website: http://robpongi.com/pages/comboMOKINHI.html
Mode of Transport: Divine winds
Fake Weapon: Love

Joe is not a hot chick.