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A major Bungie.net incident occurred on July 8, 2007, or the day after Bungie Day. It is believed Logical Thinking gained access to the Forum Ninja account Pezza, which belonged to the moderator now known as Pezz. This was done using a MySpace phisher linked to the pictures of a young girl who had less than lady like photos on her account. When trying to gain access to these photos the page asked Pezz for his user information, which he provided.

DAB day

Screenshot of Logical Thinking's work on DAB day

After gaining access to the account Logical Thinking released the information to the other members of SbK and other members of bungie.net. After a large number of users logged on, Logical Thinking changed both the password and recovery information to prevent a return of the account without his consent. This, combined with the timing of the attack, allowed it to go on for hours. With 12 users(the max allowed to be on one account at one time) all simultaneously editing threads, banning users, deleting content, screen shotting HFCS, etc. the attack managed to lock pages of forums, ban hundreds of users(including all of the moderators), and make edits to many of the sticked threads throughout the community. Edits included changing links in stickies to meatspin, rick roll, and other sites, changing threads to make insulting comments about the OP, and generally insulting the moderating staff at bungie.net.

In the time immediately following this, Bungie began a campaign to show that all was well, with threads saying that the account had been banned, that there were no more problems, etc. But the user again began posting on another user's account. This time the account taken was M3 Rokit. His account was used to show that he hadn't indeed been stopped and that in fact there was very little Bungie or Microsoft could do about the issue. To further drive home this point, the user escalated the incident to credit card fraud by charging hundreds of dollars to the owner of M3 Rokit's credit card.

It is believed Logical Thinking has been involved in other incidents such as the hacking of both Camouflage's girlfriend's MySpace and gamerzgirl's myspace, however no charges have been filed on any of the incidents.