The subject of this article is Bungie Lore; one of the many myths, legends, and easter eggs that have been created by Bungie.

Ling-Ling is Bungie Studios' dog. Only it's not so much a dog, but a dog's head. It's contained in a jar of formaldehyde. The dog's head was once lost, (see picture to the right) but it has now been found, and is kept somewhere inside Bungie's Offices.

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"Dog's head in a jar. Has mystical significance. But it's too nasty to think about. Especially if you think about opening the jar, and drinking the head-water down in one mighty draft. DANGER! Do not juxtapose Tijuana Mama with Ling Ling! When the jar containing Ling-Ling finally breaks, as it must, Bungie will make a sequel to Gnop!"

Recovering Ling-Ling's head is Step 5 in Bungie's 7-Step Plan for World Domination, and it is currently listed as completed. Also 'when Ling-Ling's jar is broken, Owt Gnop! will be made', referring to the sequel to Bungie's first ever game, Gnop! Ling-Ling's jar has not been broken.



  • Ling-Ling has seven hairs on its head.
  • In Halo 2, there is a Easter Egg where Ling-Ling can be seen on a sign in the multiplayer map, "Zanzibar" on July 7th.
  • You can sometimes see Ling-Ling's face in the clouds of the Halo 2 level "Uprising".
  • Ling-Ling's head can be seen in a Bungie vidoc entitles, "Work At Bungie," which can be viewed here in Bungie's Bungie Media Player section.
  • Bungie keeps Ling-Ling's head in the fridge at the office.
  • Ling-Ling is a white poodle that may look like a Fox Hound or Terrier.
  • Ling-Ling also was owned by a married couple
  • There a picture of ling ling in the Tribute Room in Halo Reach.


Exclusive interview with Ling-Ling

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