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Becoming a Bungie employee is not just another job. For the people who work at Bungie, it is the opportunity to create AAA-caliber games in a fast-paced, collaborative, fun, and historic environment. Full-time jobs at Bungie are among the most sought-after in the gaming industry, and as a result the employees who make it through the grueling interview process are counted as being among the best-of-the-best in game development.

Bungie updates its public list of employees infrequently. This list of employees is based on publicly available information taken from a variety of sources, but as a result, may be out-of-date.


The Bungie Crew + Peter Jackson in February 2006 (graffiti added by Frankie)

Current Bungie Employees

For more information on their classification, see Classification of Bungie employees.

Grizzled Ancients

(alphabetical by last name)

Old Skool

(alphabetical by last name)

Middle School

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(alphabetical by last name)

Former Bungie Employees

  • Steve Abeyta
  • Kevin Armstrong
  • Jay Barry
  • Michel Bastien
  • Jason "Stinger" Beach
  • Mark Bernal
  • Nathan Elery Bitner
  • David Bowman
  • Colin Brent
  • John Butkus
  • Hamilton "sir" Chu
  • Tuncer Deniz
  • Don Dixon
  • "J." Reginald Dujour
  • Pete Demoreuille
  • Quinn Sandra Dunki
  • Jonas "David" Eneroth
  • Michael Evans
  • Bernie Freidin
  • Jonathan Haas
  • Alta Hartmann
  • Max Hoberman
  • Tim Hoffman
  • John Howard
  • Chris Hughes
  • Ryan Hylland
  • David Joost
  • Pam Klier
  • Eric Nicholas Klein, Jr.
  • Diane Peters
  • Hardy LeBel
  • Chris Lee
  • Ryan Martell
  • Peter Marks
  • Frank "Frankie" O'Connor
  • Alex Okita
  • Peter Parsons
  • Brent Pease
  • Jason Pellerin
  • Chris Porter
  • Frank Pusateri
  • Juan Ramirez
  • Jason Regier
  • Alex Rosenberg
  • Alain Roy
  • Jim Ruiz
  • Rick Ryan
  • Alexander Seropian
  • Bob Settles
  • Matt Segur
  • Konrad Sherinian
  • Stefan "modem" Sinclair
  • Eddie Smith
  • Greg Snook
  • Matt Soell
  • Peter Tamte
  • Jenny Trisko
  • Sean Turbitt
  • Allen Turner
  • Doug Zartman
  • Brian Jarrard (Sketch)