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Bungie employees standing outside their studio around 2017.

0Becoming a Bungie employee is not just another job. For the people who work at Bungie, it is the opportunity to create AAA-caliber games in a fast-paced, collaborative, fun, and historic environment. Full-time jobs at Bungie are among the most sought-after in the gaming industry, and as a result the employees who make it through the grueling interview process are counted as being among the best-of-the-best in game development.

Bungie updates its public list of employees infrequently. This list of employees is based on publicly available information taken from a variety of sources, but as a result, may be out-of-date.

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The Bungie Crew + Peter Jackson in February 2006 (graffiti added by Frankie)


Notable Current Employees[]

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Notable Former Employees[]

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