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The Bungie.net user featured in this article is a former Forum Ninja.

MakaVeli4Life1 is a former Forum Ninja, he was promoted to Forum Ninja sometime between 2004 - 2005. He joined Bungie.net sometime in 2003. He was one of the first 4000 members to join BNet. Though his account was not auto-deleted due to inactivity until February 6, 2009, he was not very active on Bungie.net since 2005. While he was a moderator, he was known as a fair moderator. On February 10th, 2009, a imposter with the username of MakaVeli4Llfe1(lowercase "L" in life instead of an "I") posted in the public forums. He was consequently perma-banned for impersonating a moderator(or an ex-mod in this case).


Before his account was deleted, MakaVeli4Life1 was in the following groups:


MakaVeli4Life1's Bungie Profile

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