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Marathon Trilogy box

Box art of the Marathon Trilogy for Macintosh.

The Marathon Trilogy is a box set which includes three games developed by Bungie: the original Marathon and its sequels, Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity. It was announced on March 21, 1997, by Matthew Soell of Bungie with a release date of May 1 that year.[1]


The Marathon Trilogy Box Set brings all three Marathon games together in one affordable package, with tons of extras thrown in. Besides the entire Marathon series, you'll also receive a staggering 1200 maps, The Marathon Scrapbook, Marathon collectibles, and the game that started it all, Pathways Into Darkness.


Along with the three Marathon games, other bundled features include:[1]

  • Over 1200 maps and add-ons, including maps created by Bungie and winners of Bungie's Marathon Mapmaking Contest.
  • A scrapbook with interviews and anecdotes covering the development of the Marathon seris, and the subsequent craze in the Mac gaming world.[2]
  • New and improved physics and mapmaking tools, Anvil and Forge.
  • The full version of Pathways Into Darkness, Bungie's predecessor to Marathon.
  • In 2012,[3] the entire Marathon Trilogy was added to the iOS App Store as free downloads.

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