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Marcus Lehto, 2010


Marcus Lehto was a long-time Bungie employee and the Creative Director for Halo: Reach. He started at Bungie in 1997 and worked on all Bungie titles from Myth: The Fallen Lords through Halo: Reach.

He is well-known for placing easter eggs into game models that he designed, including his initials on Master Chief's boot, his birthday engraved on the Scorpion tank, and the famous face that some players discovered behind the mask of the Spartan models in the beta of Halo 3's multiplayer.

On July 25, 2011, Marcus announced via his Twitter page that he would be leaving Bungie and on September 1, 2011, Marcus confirmed (via twitter), that he officially left Bungie Studios to pursue independent development of games. Marcus and Bungie continued their good relationship and eventually they worked out a plan where Marcus would bring his work back to Bungie and begin a new project with a new team. He has been back at Bungie since January 2012, working on a new top secret game.


Marcus Lehto on Twitter

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