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Matthew Soell (pronounced 'Sell') is a former Bungie employee known by a variety of job titles including "Damage and Spin", "Hot Air Artist", "Hippo Lover", "Community Guy", "Bungie General Mouthpiece", and many others. His primary role at Bungie was as a public liason between 1/16/1995 and 4/25/2003. Shortly after the announcement of Halo 2, Matt left Bungie to join other Bungie alumini at Wideload Games as a writer.

Matt Soell is known for his highly understandable and completely natural love of hippos and his often witty writing, both in Bungie's public announcements and in his work on Wideload's games. He is responsible for much of the humor that went into Bungie's public image and the legacy of that style of humor can still be seen in Bungie today.

Soell is also known for being the creator of the Soffish phenomenon. As he tells it, he first bought Soffish at the American Science and Surplus tent sale in Chicago, Illinois.

"I actually bought two of them, one carp-like one (the "official" Soffish, or at least what Bungie vets might think of as the official one) and another which resembled a rainbow trout. They were 10 cents each and if I had known what a cultural phenomenon they would become I would have bought the entire stack instead of just two.
The carp-like Soffish lived in a Gatorade bottle filled with water. The second one was never removed from his packaging. Both have long since gone missing. At one point (when Bungie was still in Chicago) the then-manager of the Bungie Store, Jim Ruiz, called American Science and Surplus to see if they had any more. They did not even know what he was talking about. And that was just a couple years after I'd bought them.
There are many mysteries associated with Soffish - where they came from, where they are now, and what does it all mean? I think we should just be grateful to have had Soffish in our lives for the brief period we did."
~ Matt Soell on the Origins of Soffish (source)

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