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Miguel Chavez

Miguel Chavez from the O Brave New World ViDoc.

Miguel Chavez (a.k.a. "Mig" and "Freewill") is a part-time reporter and one of the administrators at halo.bungie.org.

He is known as the "father" of the Bungie FanFest and was named "Bungie's Official #1 Fan" back in 2003 by Doug Zartman.[1]

FanFest Creation[]

According to Miguel, he "started the whole mess" with the first organized gathering of Bungie Fans which coincided with the Mac World Expo in 1999. Myth & Myth 2 were the games of choice and since Bungie catered to the Mac audience, leveraging this event with the Expo seemed like a perfect fit.[1]

The original idea came to Miguel shortly after the 1998 MacWorld in New York. During conversations with Zartman, Miguel swore to get this event off the ground and he had the support of Bungie. When the event finally came, Max, Doug and a few others "showed up a little late, a little unsure of what to expect." Miguel adds, "Little did they know that for some of us, they were rock stars." Though the guys only stayed a little while, "near the end they warmed up to us and the whole thing and we had pictures taken as a group." Bungie represented and bridged the gap between developer and fan. Oh, and they also brought prizes.

"The funny thing is that most of the prizes they brought were just more copies of Myth 1 and 2... we didn’t need any more copies," explained Miguel.


  • He has done several interviews for Bungie.org, including one with Jason Jones.[2]
  • In the Halo: Combat Evolved credit sequence, he is given a "special thanks" by the crew of the game.
  • In Halo: Reach, he is mentioned in the "Halo.Bungie.Org" entry of the Tribute Room. One of the in-game human allies in the campaign is also named after him.


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