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The Bungie Employee featured in this article is Middle School.


Nickname: MikeyB

Classification: MiddleSchool

Current Job: Level Artist

Origin: Cincy, OH

Blood Type: O

Age: Mentally? 15

Weight: 175

Height: 12' 6"

Girth: 57

First Job: Wendy's

Hobbies: Yes

Ultimate Halo Match: The ones where I win.

Ultimate Snack: Sushi

Old Job Title: Curb Monkey

Mode of Transport: Feet

Religion: The First Church of the Tavian Way


Flash back to Feb 12th 1976 @ 9:37pm Cincinnati OH, a small package of slimy flesh and fat emerges into the light and is named Mike. Fast forward a few years as this less slimy package of flesh graduates from the University of Cincinnati in Industrial Design. A few years later, after working at some ID firms, this lump of flesh gets his deformed left foot into the gaming industry at Volition (a.k.a Bungie Boot Camp). 3 years later (present day) the lump is told to write up an intro for itself at Bungie. Past jobs: Stunt double for Moby and Mr. Clean and helped searched for the children of the corn but none were ever found.


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