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Founded September 27th, 2010
Admin All of humanity
Motto 8-bit Legos FTW!
Members 1084
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Bungie.net's place for all things Minecraft, and home of Bnet Minecrafters.


Minecrafters was born from a discussion thread within the Legendary Members Only private chapter on Minecraft. The group started out with only a small handful of users with an even smaller Alpha server. Over time the group slowly began to attract new users by word of mouth.

All of humanity's Administration[]

Upon the group's launch All of humanity took it upon himself to launch his own Minecraft server for the groups members to play on. The group grew exponentially over time and All of humanity was forced to move the server to a dedicated host, costing him sums of money for the group's personal amusement. Over time All of humanity promoted 6 of the group's members to OPs (moderators), they were: Acres 057, Olole, RollinRollin13, ferrisbulldogs, Cloxverto and The Bloody Nine. In April of 2011 All of humanity shut down his server and the group passed management for this first time.

sam da man 2008's Administration[]

After All of humanity's departure long time member sam da man 2008 chose to take the mantle of running the group's server. While many things remained the same, sam da man 2008 knighted his own group of OPs and influenced subtle change through his administrative styles. The new OPs were: Coxx153, RollinRollin13, ferrisbulldogs and The Bloody Nine. During his administration the group grew significantly, and he later added three more OPs to aid with the growing population: Sandwich, Tenstonio and Full Metal1244. sam da man 2008's reign officially ended in December of 2011.

RollinRollin13's Administration[]

Picking up where sam da man 2008 left off, RollinRollin13 left much of the administrative side of Minecrafters the same, electing to keep the legacy group of OPs that already existed. In February of 2012, the first, and only Bungie Community Minealong took place and the group was featured on the Bunige Blog. RollinRollin13's administration continued until January of 2013, the second longest administration period in the group. Near the end of his administration the group's activity slowly began to fall, marking the start of the decline of Minecrafters.

Gr33nKnight's Administration[]

The successor to RollinRollin13, and the longest reigning administrator in Minecrafters, Gr33nKnight currently manages the groups server. While the group's member count is at an all time high, activity is at it's lowest. Despite this Gr33nKnight has successfully held onto a core group of dedicated users and the server still sees activity. While Minecrafter's continues on into Bungie.net's future, the reality is that Minecraft no longer holds the masses as it once did.

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