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Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete is a game programmed and published by Alex Seropian and Jason Jones in 1992. In the game, up to 7 players on a local-area network attempt to destroy each other. The game's tagline was "Kill your enemies. Kill your friends' enemies. Kill your friends.".


The Game consists of players roaming a randomly generated maze in which Weapons, spells, armor, and other miscellaneous objects are scattered around. Also roaming around are stalkers, spider like creatures that damage a player when they make contact and can't be killed.

The Maze

The maze is so large that players could foreseeably never run into each other before time runs out (at which time all players are teleported to a small inescapable arena filled with stalkers). The maze is also highly destructible, as there are several spells and objects that destroy walls.

Player stats

A player has three stats: Braun, agility, and lore, which determine how much damage a player causes, how accurate a player is, and how well a player uses magic respectively. Unlike an RPG, these stats do not increase, but a pool of character points is divided among these three attributes when that particular profile is first created. No attribute can have a score higher than 45 or lower than one.

Player Death


Minotaur gameplay

Once a player dies, they do not respawn, and the player that inflicts the last blow gets the point. This will end a two player game. In a game with three or more players, they drop everything they have. The manual notes that "several games have been ended in a battle over a well equipped corpse." Furthermore, they are able to wander the arena as invisible ghosts. This allows them to exact revenge on the player that killed them by giving away what the player is doing.

Internet version (or lack thereof)

Bungie employee Max "Yeroen" Hoberman has promised to release an Internet-playable version of the game as soon as someone starts a Minotaur chapter at Bungie.net.[1] It's not clear that he was serious, especially given his use of the ";-)" smiley, but it's the opinion of at least one editor that someone ought to call him on it either way.

Additionally, Durandal "Vid Boi" Brytting (he legally changed his name to Durandal) was in 2003 working on writing an Internet-playable Minotaur clone from scratch[2]; however, in the following years no updates were released and the project was presumed abandoned.