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Monster Hunter was the codename of a cancelled game that the team formerly known as Bungie West was working on in the early 2000s.[1]


After Oni was released in 2001, the Bungie West team was brought in to Bungie's offices on Microsoft's campus to work on Halo: Combat Evolved's multiplayer. They were promised that, after they were finished, they could start working on any game they wanted, so they started working on a game, codenamed "Monster Hunter."

As a result of Halo 2's troublesome state after debuting a gameplay demo at E3 2003,[2] Monster Hunter was cancelled, and the team was moved over to the Halo 2 team.[1][3]

Hardy LeBel was the Monster Hunter team's lead before it was cancelled. He was moved over to Phoenix to try and save that project before it, too, was cancelled.[1] In an interview, LeBel said that Monster Hunter was going to be a "spiritual successor" to Oni.[4]