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Myth II: Soulblighter is a 3D fantasy-themed real-time tactical game released by Bungie Studios in 1998 for the PC and Macintosh. It is a sequel to Myth: The Fallen Lords and the second game in the Myth series. An expansion pack, Myth II: Chimera, was released in 1999.

As a result of Bungie's sale to Microsoft on June 19, 2000[1], the company lost the franchise rights of Oni and Myth to Take Two Interactive. Take Two would release Myth III: The Wolf Age in 2001.


Myth II: Soulblighter boasts numerous improvements to the original and added features that improve gameplay. Myth II is a unique strategy game, set in a 3D world of dangerous alliances and ancient evil, where all beings tremble before the wrath of Soulblighter, cruelest and most cunning of the evil Fallen Lords.

Destruction reigns supreme. Castle walls crumble under a barrage of Dwarven mortar fire. Flaming arrows rain down from battlements. Deadly sorceries rip through your ranks, scattering your bravest warriors. Welcome to Myth II: Soulblighter, a strategy game set in a 3D world of dangerous alliances and ancient evil, where all beings tremble before the wrath of Soulblighter, cruelest and most cunning of the evil Fallen Lords.

Sharpen your swords and fire up the cauldrons--Soulblighter is back! Bungie's thrilling strategy adventure, Myth II: Soulblighter, brings back the scourge of the West and challenges you with all-new scenarios and improved graphics and 3D rendering. In command of a ragtag army of beserkers, dwarves, soldiers and sorcerers, you are the last hope (yet again) of saving the folk of Madrigal and the West from the evil might of Soulblighter and his minions. Test your fortitude by challenging others on your network or online to a battle to the death, or cross swords and sages with Soulblighter himself. For fantasy gamers, this is far better than a slab of roast beast washed down with a tall ale...


Set sixty years after The Fallen Lords, the game tells the story of the resurgence of Soulblighter, a supporting antagonist in the first game, and one of the titular Fallen Lords. Determined to defeat the forces of Light who vanquished his master, Balor, and conquer the free cities of the world, Soulblighter resurrects the Myrkridia, a race of flesh eating monsters not seen in over a thousand years. Standing against Soulblighter is Alric, the main protagonist in the first game, and now King of The Province, who must rally humanity to fight a war they never expected.

Myth II: Chimera Expansion[]

On November 15, 1999, the Badlands map making group and Bungie Studios released an expansion to Soulblighter: Myth II: Chimera. Originally released as a free download, Chimera was later published by Bungie as part of the Total Codex bundle, incorporating it into the official Myth canon.

Chimera is an eight level single-player quest set in the Myth world. Ten years after Soulblighter's defeat, three veteran heroes of the battles against the Fallen band together to confront a vengeful sorceress and the evil she has awakened.


Myth-ii-soulblighter gameplay


Myth-ii-soulblighter gameplay2


Like the previous installment, Myth II is a real-time tactics game where players are given a pre-determined selection of units with their own strengths and weakness, without the option to recruit any further units later in battle, emphasizing the tactics aspect of the gameplay.

In both single and multiplayer games, players can utilize units in different way such as combat formations and special abilities and making use of terrain. While some units from the previous Myth retain their special abilities such as the Dwarf satchel charge and Journeyman healing, other past units like the Bowmen are able to fire a secondary fire arrow that can set the targeted area aflame damaging nearby units and can use a knife as a last resort when in close combat. While some other units for both the Light and Dark sides aren’t present in Myth II such as the Forest Giants and Myrmidons, new units are made available such as Dwarven Mortars and the Myrkridia, previously only mentioned in Myth: The Fallen Lords. The previously Dark Trow are also made available for use by the Light, being classed as unaligned.

The single player campaign is only playable from the perspective of the Light, through a series of both linear and non-linear laid out levels, with end of level stats and individual unit kill counts and prevalence still present, along with the option to play cooperatively in multiplayer through online or local network.


The original version of the Myth II contained a serious bug.[2] The game CD contained an uninstaller which would remove the game from a computer by deleting the directory in which it had been installed. If the user had overridden the default directory and installed the game to the root level of their hard drive, the uninstaller would delete the entire contents of the user's hard drive. This bug was caught after Myth II CDs had been sent out and also duplicated and boxed to ship to stores. Bungie employees went to the factory, tore off the shrink wrap, opened the boxes, and replaced the faulty CDs with new CDs on which the uninstaller bug had been fixed. Luckily, only the marketing person who discovered the bug had her hard drive wiped. As a result of this bug and having to replace the CDs, Bungie made almost no profits.


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Due to the Myth series being sold to Take 2 when Microsoft purchased Bungie in 2000, it is not yet freeware.

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