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This is a list of tournaments for the game Myth II: Soulblighter.

The second of the Myth series, originally created by Bungie and later maintained by Take 2 Games (now called Take 2 Interactive), Myth II: Soulblighter was by far the most popular and played host to many tournaments. Most tournaments were played in '2-team', individual 'free for all', or '1 versus 1' formats. Other formats, such as team 'free for all', '2 versus 2', '3 versus 3' and cooperative formats have also been used, but less frequently. Some of the tournaments, such as the co-operative ones or Online Gaming Ladder were more competitions than tournaments but are worthy of note in this article.

This article is incomplete, and does not include non-standard Myth II maps. While it includes 3rd party maps, they are all based on Bungie's original unit tagset.

Myth World Cup[]

The largest tournament of any given year, and one of the longest running series (one a year since 1998 other than 2002). Discussed in depth on Main Myth World Cup article. MWC is a full-team tournament, so is also listed in the 2-team tournaments list below.

Full Team Tournaments[]

Full-Team Tournaments are a series of myth games played between two teams at a time (similar to any real world team sporting tournament (ex. Soccer World Cup). Full-Team Tournaments are the most popular tournament type on Myth, because they allow order/clan play and allow weaker players to have a role without an individual player's skill level being as major a win/lose factor as it would be in smaller teams, or if they played on their own. Because of this, MWC has always been a full-team tournament.

Notable tournament series includes (detailed further up the page), Major League Myth, National Myth League - but Myth World Cup has always dominated the scene.

Name Date Organiser Winners Second Website
Major League Myth Moridin CP Evil Inc. Madrigal Chamber of Commerce
IFR Unknown Civil Order WFL
Online Gaming Ladder Feb-April 1999 Ravager Civil Order BMF
Cloudspine Combat Mar-April 1999 Unknown AkA
The Forge League (TFL) July-August 1999 Rolling rock Civil Order The Companions
Culloden Hill May-August 1999 Abaddon Desf/Gunda Civil Order The Companions
Myth World Cup 1999 May-August 1999 Butcher Civil Order BMF MWC99
Major League Myth 2 Moridin CP Civil Order Wolf Pack
National Myth League Jan-April 2000 Rolling Rock Street Fighters Random Oblivion NML
MWC 2000 May-August 2000 Stinger et al.. Street Fighters Ginslingers MWC2000
National Myth League 2 August-December 2000 Rolling Rock et al. Men of Rohan Old Skool Wankers
Desert Fox Brandtake Men of Rohan Glue the Moose
Champions of Myth December 2000-March 2001 Strike Northern Paladins Batman & Robin
The Blood Tournament March-May 2001 Sir Mick et al. Northern Paladins The Wight Foundation
MWC 2001 May-August 2001 Wight Slayer et al. Northern Paladins Team Angry Face MWC01
For Unlawful Carnage Killing Pagan God/Limp Northern Paladins D0ng B0mb
The Fall Classic November 2002-Jan 2003 PMAs Northern Paladins Blood Pact TFC
MWC 2003 May-August 2003 Grim et al. BIAUIHYAC Northern Paladins
The Fall Classic 2 October 2003-Jan 2004 Nitro Brills Meets Evil The Fucking Sorcers TFC2
MWC 2004 May-August 2004 Grim et al. Brill Meets Evil Northern Paladins MWC04
Seeker Starpower September 2004-January 2005 Seeker et al. The Casket Lottery Thundercox
MWC 2005 June-Sept 2005 Mad Dog/Cheezefist NO WINNER Thundercox/BIAUIHYAC2 MWC05
MWC 2006 May-August 2006 Grim et al. Northern Pallywankers Thundercox MWC06
MWC 2007 May-August 2007 toxyn et all Thundercox 12Tasks/(Namechangers) MWC07
The Winter Series Dec 2007-March 2008 Paris Shamlegger/(Namechangers) Northern Paladins TWS
MWC 2008 May-August 2008 Grim Armageddon House of Tirris/(Namechangers) MWC08
The Winter Series 2009 February - April 2009 Paris Bourbon Terrorists Thundercox TWSII
MWC 2009 May-August 2009 Grim/Toxyn Namechangers Thundercox [1]
MWC 2010 May-August 2010 Liger/Grim Namechangers The Black Company [2]
MWC 2011 May-August 2011 Grim Chicago Bullz Namechangers


MWC 2012 May-August 2012 Grim South Parkians My Team


MWC 2013 May-August 2013 Paris Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Agents [5]

Free For All (FFA)[]

The winners of many ffa tournaments have had to play each other in a 1 on 1 match. These are still listed as ffa tournaments. Also, some winners played representing players who could not turn up, or had to drop. Usually these tournaments involved 4 - 6 players per map, with less as a pool continued.

Most notable tournament series was oPoP, which had five different incarnations.

Name Date Organiser Winners Second Website
National Mac Gaming Championship - San Francisco January 1999 Unknown Freewill Syckboy NMGC99
Trial by Combat Jan-Mar 1999 Butcher Ananab Tilps, Scorpio, My Modem is on Fire (tie)
Seven Phoenix Rising March 1999 Bungie Voodoo Flatbread
Trial by Combat CP March 1999 Ramses II MrWuf Cavos Clan Plaid East Coast Gathering I
Fields of Carnage Nov-December 2000 Wight Slayer Drizzt Bathtub Gn Fields of Carnage
WIFFA 2000 November 2000 Igmo Drizzt akiba WIFFA 2000
Odiferous Pile of PoOp January-April 2001 Igmo P3N15 (Myrkridon) Windorabug oPoP
MCC Invitational: Blind and other Oddities Mar-April 2001 MCC Sloith Wrock MCC Invitational
April Fewlz April 2001 Clan Mac Gaming Poo Fountain (Sam Stone) M. Bison (Phod) April Fewlz
MCC Invitational II: A Mythilogical Adventure January - March 2002 MCC Odyn/Taha (tie) MCC Invitational II
PlayMyth.net's Show n Play Tournament August 2002 SpondMax and PMAs Drizzt Xel Show n Play
Shogun 2 February-May 2003 Olympus Chickenwire Dwarf Shogun 2 Forum
oPoP2: Full Throttle July-September 2003 Igmo Rabican Cave oPoP2
miniMax 1 October 2003 igmo Judas Hit miniMax 1
miniMax 2 November 2003 igmo Drizzt Xel miniMax 2
miniMax 3 December 2003 igmo Drizzt Danger miniMax3
miniMax 4 December 2003 igmo none miniMax4/oPoP2.9
miniMax October-December 2003 igmo Drizzt Xel miniMax
oPoP3: Down and Dirty December 2003-February 2004 Igmo Nemesis Bullet Tooth Tony oPoP3
oPoP4: Summer Omythiad June-August 2004 Igmo Truth Myrkridon oPoP4
oPoP5: Pimpin ain't ez Jan-February 2005 Big Mo (Igmo) Tirri (Drizzt) xeLizzle (Xel) oPoP5
FFAGE February 2005 Ginga Duan Terry the kid FFAGE
MCC Invitational 3: Nostalgia March - May 2005 Wrock & Rastlin Wrock Father Xmas MCC Invitational III
Hangover Special February 2006 Igmo Nemesis/Truth Paris in Flames Hangover Special Forums
Suicidal Final Art Jan-Mar 2007 Paris Nemesis Dantski Suicidal Final Art
Aftermath Oct-Dec 2008 Paris Paris Gin Aftermath Forums

Team Free For All Tournaments[]

Always a popular tournament type, but always under-looked by those interested in creating new tournaments. Tends to use small teams of 2 - 3.

Name Date Organiser Winners Second Website
(Clever Name Here) Kalakdrin RARR EATS MOO All in the family Clever Name Here Final Stats/Finals
Limbs Heads and Smoking Craters November - December 2001 Leif and Blade Tin Can IFYM Limbs Heads and Smoking Craters
Fields of Carnage 2 July-August 2004 Wight Slayer The four Horsemen Islamic Fundamentalists Fields of Carnage 2
Ape Avalanche : Guerrilla Tactics August-September 2007 Paris and Garnish FREAKS Cantilope and Dinglebert, MD APEAVALANCHE:GUERRILLATACTICS

1 versus 1 (1v1) Tournaments[]

1v1 tournaments and games, and their importance always have some controvosy surrounding them. Many players use being better than someone 1v1 as proof their Myth skill surpasses them, while others argue their strong points could be captaining, teamwork, co-op etc.

Name Date Organiser Winners Second Website
Beat the Butcher November 2004 Sam the Butcher Thet BadMonkey Tirri (Drizzt) Beat the Butcher
7 Penis Rising July-August 2007 Shaister Chohan Nemesis []
M-1 Grand Prix 2005 December 2005 Ginga Duan CRC M-1 GP 2005
Chohan's 1v1 Tournament June-August 2006 Chohan Chohan Bullet Tooth Tony Chohan's 1v1 Forum Thread#
Death Before Dishonour: Taste My Blade November-December 2006 Giant Killer General Giant Killer General Paris

DBD Tournament Series Website/Forums

Lethal March-April 2008 Paris Kirk Raziel/Rabican [tws.tribalstylemusic.net]
Sunset July 2009-Feburary 2010 TB Giant Killer General Ghengis Khan [6]


2 versus 2 (2v2) Tournaments[]

2v2 tournaments have a notorious history of being unfinished or unpopular, but there are exceptions.

Name Date Organiser Winners Second Website
The National Mac Gaming Championships - San Francisco February 1999 Unknown Carch/Ven Jance Freewill/Shadowjack NMGC99

3 versus 3 (3v3) Tournaments[]

Like 2v2 tournaments, often poorly run and with less player motivation the field of 3v3 competition was small since it was not a part of everyday Myth games and 3v3 success has never been treated as a huge sign of a player's skill.

Co-operative Tournaments[]

Usually more a 'challenge' or 'competition' to prove who can achieve most, since co-operative tournaments never involved head to head play. Notable tournament series includes Mazzarin's Demise.

Name Date Organiser Winners Second Website
Myth 2 Done Quick (MDQ) December 1998-October 1999 Ananab Tilps Serval and Sarpedon Patroclus M2DQ

M2DQ (Old) M2DQ Films

Myth Master Challenge Jan 1999-Sept 2002 Forrest Wolfpack Myth Master Central
MariusNet/Myth Forums Co-op Challenge May 2002 - 2005) MariusNet Administrators Savanarola Magnus MariusNet co-op Challenge
MariusNet One Year Anniversary Co-op Challenge August 2002 MariusNet Administrators Savanarola MariusNet 1-Year
MariusNet Myth Five Year Anniversary Co-op Challenge November 2002 MariusNet Administrators Savanarola and Mangus MariusNet 5-Year Results
Myth Speed Running / Myth Done Quick 2 (MSR/MDQ2) August 2002-August 2004 Patroclus Nemesis Savanarola Myth Speed Running MDQ2
Mazzarin's Demise III May 2003 Project Magma - ChrisP Nemesis (team captain) et al. Mazzarin's Demise III Winners page (with battle analysis for Legendary)
Mazzarin's Demise IV Jan 2004 Project Magma - ChrisP Sven Hjilrmanir (Ducky, team captain) et al. Mazzarin's Demise IV Winners page (with battle analysis for Legendary)
Mazzarin's Demise V (v2)) September 2005 Project Magma - ChrisP & Jagman ChrisP (captain) et al. Mazzarin's Demise V v2 Winners page (with battle analysis for Heroic)
Mazzarin's Demise VI (v1 and v2)) September 2006 Project Magma Rabicanp (Rabican Np) CRC Mazzarin's Demise VI Tournament Page
Grave Tidings October 2006 - A-Red The Onyx Warlords
Myth Done Quick: Marius.net All Time May 2009 - PurplePplEater Hadiez Savanarola [7]

Combination tournaments[]

There is always tournaments that fall outside of the main classes, that encompass a mixture of genres. Those are placed here.

=== MilleniOni Tournament (December 2000 - February 2001) ===
*Type: ffa/team-ffa/cooperative/team
*Tournament Organiser: Magellan and The Wolfpack (his clan)
*Winners: 1st place: Scooter, 2nd place: Magellan, 3rd place: Alrond, 4th place: Sir Parson, 5th place: SilverBrin
*Comments: A small scale tournament (around 25 players) but with scores based on a mixture of most forms of Myth II play with a copy of Bungie's Oni as top prize.. Scores were split into multiplayer (won by Magellan) and cooperative (won by Alrond) then combined to form the overall leaderboard (won by Scooter). An invitational tournament held by friends, it held a variety of awards other than overall positioning helping give players more to strive for.

=== M-1 Grand Prix 2004 (September 2004) ===
*Type: FFA and 1v1
*Tournament Organiser: Ginga
*Winners: 1st place: Duan, 2nd place: Karashi, 3rd place: CRC
*Comments: One day tournament held within the Japanese Myth Community (essentially PlayMyth.net's AGEHA and Nowhere Final Destination clans) along with Father Xmas, a Myther who was adopted by the Japanese community. Despite claiming to be a 1v1 tournament, it included FFA games as well. Details are quite hard to get ahold of due to the lack of communication/translators from between the Japanese and Western Myth Community sub-groups and much of the site will not show on a standard Western computer in viewable characters.
* M-1 GP 2004 Site

=== The Valor Tournament (August - November 2006)===
*Type: Team-FFA and 3v3
*Tournament Organiser: Toxyn, Slinx
*Winners: 1st place: Team FFA All Stars (Np), 2nd place: The Syndicate (TWF), 3rd place: Freaks, 4th place: Thundercox, 5th place: Big Trouble, 6th place: Jews for Jihad
*Comments: Run by TO-veteran blast from the past Toxyn, along with Slinx, Dantski, and Frumius. Though tournaments of the last few years have included prizes, this is the first one since the closure of Bungie.net to receive an official sponsor (MindscapeFX, a company run by a member of the Myth Community, called Frumius) - the prize being a painting from the MindscapeFX gallery. Raised 30 teams of four people each mostly, a fairly good turnout for a post-MWC tournament. Featured popular column by Frumius worthy of note.
* The Valor Tournament
* Mindscape FX

Myth-themed tournaments[]

There are also Myth II themed tournaments but not about skilled gameplay. Many more of this type have been forgotten by players than the other tournament types since these ones were not very competitive by comparison so this list is known to be far from complete.

=== The Myth II Handbook Humor contest (UNKNOWN DATE - October 1999) ===
*Type: 'Myth Humour Competition'
*Tournament Organiser: Unknown
*Winners: 1st place: 'Dud Wight' (QT Movie) by Rust Dragon, 2nd place: 'The Official Hax0r Guide' (Website) by DrunkBob, 3rd place: 'Total Comix' (website) by Et'he Visionary, 4th place: 'Myth II meets Halo' (Graphic) by Kelstek, 5th place: 'Cotal Todex' (website) by KillerK. Most Iliturit Entry: 'THERE FAT' (graphic) by Warlock. Runners up: 'Where's Waldo?' by ragnarok, 'Dat Tro U Do' (Sound) by Hungry Ghol, 'If I Had a Car' (Graphic) by Avery, 'Dreaming of Burt' (text) by Nightcrawler, 'The Myth II Drinking Game' (text) by Tsao, 'Dwarf Money' (graphic) by Sobo, 'Best RTS Game of the Year' (graphic) by Matt Burns
*Comments: Run by the creator of the well known Myth II Handbook (J. Charles Holt, aka DeathWhore), it had big prizes, particularly for such an odd competition with quite a lot of imaginitive submissions - hence the long list of runners up.

=== The Mill Contest (January - June 2000) ===
*Type: Map-Making Tournament
*Tournament Organiser: Frigidman
*Winners: 1st place: 'Under Myrkridian Standards' by Soma, Kuba and Bubba et al. Best Individual Level: 'Senex Silvae'. Honourable Mention: 'Legend of Gor-Ash' by Creation Games, 'CAGES', 'The Havre River' by The Idiot Map-Making Collective
*Comments: Run by The Mill, the centre of Myth II's map-making community with a major prize driving it.
* The Idiots Map-Making Collective

=== RMA Map-Making Contest 2003 (April - September 2003) ===
*Type: Map-Making Tournament
*Tournament Organiser: Mad Dog and Ascot, help from Real Men and Alliance Myth II Orders
*Winners: 1st place: '1944 - Normandy' by Carlinho, 2nd place: 'WW3: Revolutions' by Zephirus, 3rd place: 'Edges of the Empire' by Dash_Ripcock
*Comments: Organised by the RMA, a combination of two orders who often played together for Myth tournaments with work led by Mad Dog and Ascot the tournament aimed to revive map-making by offering prizes for good quality work. Lack of motivation by the rest of the team, too long of a time frame and very few map-makers caring (other than for a minor prize) meant the tournament was ultimately a failure - only 7 maps were submitted finally, and one almost finished beta.
*RMA Map-Making Contest 2003 Finished Map List

=== Lugas' Screenshot Contest (September 2006)===
*Type: Screenshot Competition
*Tournament Organiser: Lugas
*Winners: Funniest picture - 1st place: Baak, 2nd place: Grayswandir. Most artistic picture - 1st place: Zeph, 2nd place: gugusm. Most interesting - 1st place: Khadrelt, 2nd place: Wismuth
*Comments: Run within the Project Magma forums by relative unknown (in the community at large) Lugas for a month.
* Tournament Thread with rules and entries
* Winners Thread