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Mythic Members are those members who have gained the highest possible Bungie.net Trust Rating through a combination of extreme longevity, lack of warnings and bans from Bungie.net staff, and a host of other, secret factors known only to Achronos and the Bungie.net Web Team. Although most are not, Bungie employees are also given titles based upon their activity within the Bungie.net community. There are a few employees on the Mythic list as well, including on- and off-site developers; one example of an employee would be the user Diaboy, who is an off-site DLC assistant developer and works under Tyson Green. Mythic Members used to be relatively uncommon on Bungie.net; however, now nearly all accounts created prior to 2004 receive the title.

A "Mythic Member" title trumps the "Member" title, the "Heroic Member" title, and the "Legendary Member" title, but will be overridden by other titles such as Theme Master, Webcam MVP, and Forum Ninja.

Their title bar color is royal blue.


An example thread in Mythic Members.

Several hundred Mythic Members hang out in the Bungie.net group Mythic Members.

List of Mythic Members[]

The list was first started by Skibur (THE CHIEF 87), but soon taken over by Batzter, who has done an excellent job of keeping it up to date and accurate.

(All members listed are — or, at some point in time, were — Mythic members. This is not a comprehensive list; there are still more Mythic Members not listed here.)

A new list has been created by gnome13 which can be found here Updated List of Mythic Members

Request a ban on a Mythic Member[]

During 2012 when Bungie was dark Community Manager DeeJ posted a poll in the community forum as part of a


DeeJ's failed Poll as a Hot Forum Topic.

mail sack. Somehow he messed up the poll and afterwards locked the thread.

A few hours later Spawn031, Arbitor5 and Hylebos suggested asking members to save the thread so that it would turn into a 'Top Forum Topic'. Arbitor5 posted a thread in the Mythic group telling them to save the thread as a prank.

Soon the thread was listed as a hot topic and most of the members in the community forum took it lightly as a joke obviously. Dmg04 posted a thread in the forum stating that his mistake will be remembered for ever.

Being crafty, DeeJ had a peek in the Mythic Members Group and posted a reply


DeeJ's Mythic ban thread.

to the 'Mythix Prank @ DeeJ' thread saying that he was already planning his revenge.

DeeJ edited the failed poll to 'Request a ban on a Mythic Member' where he asked members (as a joke) which Mythic members they wanted to see banned as well as Arbitor5 and dmg04.

Achronos posted a reply saying 'Seems Legit'. For inside 'Mythic Members' screenshots click here.

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