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Nathan Walpole, aka Bentllama


First Job: Farm hand at a llama ranch

Hobby: Delinquency (online and offline)

Ultimate Halo Match: Slayer, plasma grenades only

Ultimate Snack: Canadian bacon

Ultimate Website: www.bentllama.com

Mode of Transport: Steel saddled nuclear-powered llama

Sexiest Llama Color: White

"Found near death in a snowdrift after a snowmobile accident in rural Canada, Nathan was rescued by mad scientists experimenting with llama cloning. To save his life, the scientists bent Nathan's DNA with that of the magnificent llama, and resuscitated Nathan back to health on a diet of pancakes, maple syrup and Canadian bacon. Revived with a new lease on life, Nathan made it his goal to aid the world with magnificent motion. When not animating Nathan offers up malevolent mischief in online game play, often seen in the corner of the map lobbing explosive pumpkins at enemy and ally alike, while spouting colorful commentary."


  • Nathan Walpole has a baby, as of 2006. His skill in parenting has increased by 1.
  • Former Bungie employee
  • Featured in the Halo 2 DVD Disc
  • Featured in the Halo 3 DVD Disc

Bentllama, receiving a customary greeting from Nightmare Armor Studios.


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