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The One of Seven were winners of a secret contest Bungie held during Bungie Day 2011. No one knew about the contest except for the winners, who weren't revealed until one year later.

Winners were awarded with a special tour of Bungie's new studio space in Bellevue, Washington and more surprises at some point in 2012.


Glamour - Bag O' Swag

Bag O' Swag

Golden Ticket

A Golden Ticket found in a Swag Bag

To have participated, people had to purchase a Bag O' Swag during Bungie Day 2011. Inside seven of those bags were Golden Tickets that included information for the winners, including a confirmation code.

On Bungie Day 2012, the winners were instructed[1] by DeeJ to "Enter your code and await further instructions." The webpage[2] to input the code and the winner's video was eventually discovered through URL manipulation.[3]

Bungie Day 2012[]



Prior to Bungie Day 2012, the web address[4] and the official rules for the One of Seven contest were discovered.[5] DeeJ commented that discussion of it could result in a disqualification.[6]

For Bungie Day 2012,[7] DeeJ spoke about all of the fresh new faces hired over the past year, Bungie's new studio in Bellevue, Washington, and how the changes have made Bungie step even closer toward World Domination.

At the end of the article, DeeJ called out that last year, "Golden Tickets were secreted away inside 7 bags of swag. If you scored one, it’s time to reveal your fate. Enter your code and await further instructions." Cryptic symbols were left underneath the text. Everyone scoured the forums to find out their meaning, but only the "One of Seven" winners of the Golden Ticket understood what they meant. It was eventually discovered that they were constellations.[8]

One of seven-ticket form

Ticket Form

DeeJ confirmed[9][10] that a joke that Urk made for Phase 3 was false and that Phase 3 was on the community to find the "One of Seven" ticket winners and get them to reveal their secrets. One winner eventually did reveal themselves in someone's else's fake "winner" thread,[11] showing off their Golden Ticket.[12][13] After being spammed in private messages, the seven winners' forum names were obtained through a Bungie.net private group they started[14] to shield themselves from the community.

A community member named AngryFacing discovered[3] that the One of Seven winners received a special video[15][16] from Bungie and Marty O'Donnell telling them that they won a tour of Bungie's studio and more, but O'Donnell, "hated to ruin the surprise." He told the winners to keep their phone close and that Bungie would be calling them in the next week with more information. Due to the leaked video, the video was posted days later on Bungie's YouTube Channel.[17] With the video uncovered, DeeJ declared that the Bungie Day festivities were over. The community then spent the next few days trying to uncover the secrets from the Geomancy symbols.

Official Rules and Eligibility[]

According to Archive.org,[18] the official rules first appeared on Bungie.net in February 2012 for the winners, informing them that on July 7, 2012, they had to visit http://www.bungie.net/oneofseven to receive further instructions where they could input a personal, one-of-a-kind, non-transferable verification code located on their Golden Ticket.

Entrants had to submit a valid email address, be at least 17 years of age, and be in "good standing" with Bungie.

By participating, each Entrant consented "to Sponsor’s use of his or her name, photograph and/or likeness, address, voice, and statements made by or attributed to him or her, in perpetuity, in any and all media now known or hereafter developed (including, without limitation, print, broadcast, and Internet), for all business purposes including advertising and promotional activities without additional compensation, notice or approval, unless prohibited by law."


Winners of the One of Seven Contest were:

  • BaghdadBean
  • Ji66aMan
  • Tech Artist
  • Patriot17
  • Tacoman2736
  • II venebean II
  • HemUN1T


Not much is known about what the One of Seven won outside of the studio tour. BaghdadBean, one of the winners, made a Destiny-themed bag to take on her trip to Bungie.[19] She decided to place it in the RTX 2013 Side Quest Child's Play Charity Auction. When I found out that I would be going to Bungie for the One of Seven studio tour, I took the Geomantic symbols from the Bungie Day news posts and the Project Tiger symbol, and started making a new fabric design. After a week of haggling with it, I printed out a run of fabric, and set to making this Bean-Bag. I took this with me to the studio, and got all of the other One of Seven, plus every Bungie employee who I could corner with a magic paint pen, to sign it.

This will be placed in the RTX 2013 Side Quest Child's Play Charity Auction, and it is my sincere hope that it will raise enough money to put a smile on some deserving kid's face.

~ BaghdadBean on the Destiny-themed bag she brought to Bungie