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Operation Desert Storm was a top-down tank shooter for the Macintosh. It marked the second game published with the Bungie name after GNOP!. The game was programmed by Alex Seropian in 1991, self-published and duplicated. It only sold about 2,500 copies (as recounted in the Marathon Scrapbook). It was based on Operation Desert Storm, a conflict in the Middle East that had recently taken place.

The game featured twenty levels, culminating in the city of Baghdad, with the final enemy being a giant Saddam Hussein head. It also came with a glossary of military terms and trivia which was needed in order to bypass the copy-protection in the game, and authentic maps of the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations.


The player can choose to either Practice or Enlist. In Practice mode, the player can start on any level (excluding the last one) and still have three lives and three missiles, but the game goes back to the title screen after the level is beaten. In Enlist mode, the player starts at level 1 and continues to the next level when each level is beaten, with the option to save at the end of each level; but the player's inventory persists from level to level, so that a player who uses too many lives and missiles early on can find themselves seriously handicapped later.


The player's tank can move at regular or boosted speed, fire weapons, and engage gas protection (allowing the player to drive through gas without dying, but preventing them from firing while it's engaged). While enemy tanks can only move at right angles, the player's tank can move in twelve directions. Victory in a level is achieved when the player reaches the level's extraction point alive at or after the designated pickup time. In Enlist mode, the player's score for the level is then calculated.



This game can be found at https://www.macintoshrepository.org/4800-operation-desert-storm.