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Paul Clift (Gymnopædia)

Nickname: Gymnopædia

Current Job: Technical Artist, Halo 2 Origin: Classified

Blood Type: Classified Age: 138

Weight: 135 pounds Height: 5'2"

Birth: ??/??/1873

First Job: Tomato Sorter


The origins of innocence go back to ancient times.

Well, sort of. He doesn't say a lot, but what he says says a lot, so to speak. 

Beneath that innocent and unassuming exterior lies a soul that bellieves in decadence as way of life.

Ask him about the McVaden twins and the Superglue sometime. Or the contents of that little vial he keeps wrapped in aluminum foil in the back of the freezer. Never mind Ling-Ling's head (although he's still a suspect, no matter what the Statute of Limitations says), just ask him whose skull he used to keep up on his mantle. And what happened to it. Or its owner, for that matter.


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