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The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0 was a 343 series of questions about Bungie's history, games, community, lore, and the Bungie team that was hosted on Bungie.org. The quiz was created by poena.dare and was released on November 8, 2004, one day before Halo 2's launch.[1][2]


Bungie.org created several quizzes from the late 1990s to the mid-2000s, including quizzes from Bungie FanFest.[3] In addition to poena.dare, others credited for creating the Penultimate Quiz include Ghôlsbane, and the now defunct Swift Hands of God fanclub. Special thanks were also given to to Freewill, Hamish, Louis, Max, Mehve, Pallor, and the previous Bungie Quizmasters (excluding Bungie Quiz Scabs from the Great Quiz Walkout of 2004)


With literally hundreds of man-hours behind it, The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0 is open for business at TBO (http://Trivia.Bungie.Org/).[4] Featuring 343 questions and 169 images, sound files, and movies, even the most die-hard Bungie fan will find himself frequently stumped and scratching his head in wonder. The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0 delves deeply into the secret lives of Bungie employees and fans with revealing trivia questions and plumbs the depths of arcane Bungie game knowledge. Thankfully, due to advanced recursive fractal narco-nano-cookie techniques, it is not necessary to answer all 343 questions in one sitting, as The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0 incrementally saves your progress!

The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0 also shows you important information about where you fit in the Bungie universe by calculating your Bungie knowledge strengths and displaying them in easy to understand indicator boxen: the Bungie Game Spectrum, the Fan Morphology chart, the URANUT Matrix, the Transparency Index, and the Modal Primacy graph.

As an added bonus, The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0 allows you to compare your quiz-taking talents to your friends and enemies with the exclusive unpatented TPBGQcode. The TPBGQcode distills down the data from the indicator boxen into one condensed string of symbols that is perfect for showing off in your email signature or blog, the subject line in threatening letter, or even immortalize as a tattoo.

Last, but not least, when you have proven yourself against all 343 questions, you are given an opportunity to print out an attractive certificate with your name, score, and TPBGQcode. Won't the neighbor's be jealous!

The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0 is guaranteed to provide minutes of fun for some of the family and even make Bungie employees feel small and out-of-touch or just plain angry.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz 1.0 does not currently work with the Safari browser. Our humble apologies to Mac-based Bungie fans. We are working on the problem and will issue an update as soon as this is fixed.