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Peter Jackson helped Bungie build a real life warthog. Quote from the Bungie Weekly Update 09/14/2007:

Some of the Bungie boys are in New Zealand this week, working with Peter Jackson on the Halo project. For fun, they got to drive around in a real, functioning Warthog. At the wheel, Curtis Creamer, producer extraordinaire –on the turret, Mr. CJ Cowan our cinematics director, and Harold Ryan, studio head rides shotgun. The powerful, four-wheel steering and almost perfect replica of the Hog is fast and agile. Amazing then that Curtis uses these abilities to smash it into what he describes as “the illogical wall section” at a parking lot near Weta.

He has also visited the Bungie Studio. Quote from a Bungie News Item:

This is one of those stories that’s kind of apropos of nothing, but a week or two ago, our new building was graced by the presence of one Mr. Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, Heavenly Creatures, Meet the Feebles and more. In short, a genius. You may or not know that he is also signed up as executive producer on the forthcoming Halo movie.

Mr. Jackson was not only nice enough to come visit, but also to pose for a photo with the entire Bungie crew. And here it is. Click the image for a bigger version with carefully chosen annotation. And note that in the big version, that mysterious light really did appear on the original shot.

Peter Jackson Trivia: A local schoolmarm enquired as to the veracity of a gentleman at her class outing to a local Museum of Flight, claiming to be Peter Jackson and signing children’s autograph requests. Since it was the day before, we can only assume….

So to summarize, a famous director came to a building and got mobbed by rabid fanboys, many of whom are in their twenties and thirties. And apologies for the camera quality.