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Podophobia Entertainment was a privately held company formed by Harold Ryan and Marty O'Donnell in 2006. Podophobia was suspected to be a "shell" corporation or Bungie Inc. affiliate used to subtly register intellectual property holdings on Bungie's behalf, but Bungie has not confirmed Podophobia's official purpose.

Podophobia Entertainment rose to prominence in mid-May 2011, when it officially registered the Destiny trademark and logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (the trademark has since been assigned to Bungie, Inc.).

Fans also found a website which contained a countdown to September 16, 2011. The website was highly watched on the date that the countdown ended, but news later broke that the domain name and website were not owned by Bungie.

No further word or confirmation has been officially given on Podophobia Entertainment.

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