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Porch Day is a day of celebration for the Offtopic and Flood forum communities every May 24. For the entire day, members create threads talking about how an object or person should up on their porch and what they should do about it.


Porch Day originally occurred on May 24, 2009, when Lil Stew13 of Bungie.net's off-topic forum, The Flood, posted a thread:[1]

Headline: A dog showed up on my porch; what do I do? Body: I can't keep it because my family has too many dogs. It is a little puppy that we think somebody dumped at our house. I've been petting it and got it some water, and we are getting it some food. What else should I do? Nobody has came looking for it yet.

The Flood quickly took a hold of this, and made dozens of parody porch-related threads. On the old version of the website, this was considered spam by the Forum Ninjas, and many were banned that day. This rule was eventually removed, and Porch Day has flourished ever since.


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