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The Bungie.net user featured in this article is a former Forum Ninja.

Reiginko is a former Bungie.net Forum Ninja.


Reiginko's current avatar

Real Life[]

  • Name: Charles
  • Age: 20
  • City: Stalkerville
  • College or University: Eyestalk U
  • Major: Advanced Soil Mechanics
  • Real Job: I challenge the values of physics majors and computer nerds.
  • Favorite use of the number 7: ==]:7)
  • Dreams and aspirations: Step 1: Find truth; Step 2: Attain beauty; there's no step three

Although Reiginko no longer plays video games, he was originally attracted to Bungie do to their releases for the Mac.

Reiginko's favorite drink is now earl grey tea with raspberry jam.

Reiginko's dream date is 12/16/1770. He would love to work as a dispatch officer.

Bungie.net Life[]

Reiginko has been a member of the "modern" Bungie.net since 11/17/2001, however he originally joined BNet around 1998, before there were even forums, but had to create a new account when the new BNet went online in

Moderator Reiginko

Reiginko's avatar as a Moderator.

November 2001. He was a moderator on BNet even before the mods had the power to ban people. He was a mod from around August 2004 until November 2005. Since he resigned from being a forum ninja, he has not been very active on BNet except for random spurts for a few weeks at a time over the years. Reiginko is no longer a ninja because he felt that it was a crappy thing to do.

Community Thoughts[]


  • ":'( I wrote a poem to commemorate this moment, but I dropped it and you really don't know what germs are hanging around on the ground, so I just pushed it under the fridge, which forced some dust clumps and a few coins to emerge from the other side, so it just goes to show that when you lose something, something else will replace it. BUT when you push a ferrari under a fridge and get a load of dust and an old cookie to replace it you feel sort of cheated, so that's why between the : and ( of my smily there is a little tear.
  • Oh, and the fish weren't meant to be free.
  • Anyway, have a good time in Costa Rica and here's to hoping the tax department don't look to hard eh?"


  • "One of the more crackheady mods Bnet ever had."


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