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Robt McLees

Robt McLees in the Bungie ViDoc O Brave New World.

Robert McLees, known to many as Robt McLees, was a senior employee at Bungie and is a former writer, artist, and keeper of the Halo Story Bible. He left Bungie sometime around 2012.[1]

He is married to Lorraine McLees, and they have two children.

Bungie Background[]

Robt McLees Halo 2

Robt McLees, as seen on Halo 2's Limited Collector's Edition Disc.

McLees joined Bungie midway through Marathon 2: Durandal's development in 1995.[2] He redesigned the weaponry, making them look more functional and futuristic. One of the weapons he redesigned was the dual shotgun and their unique way of reloading. He also altered the Pfhor Fighter class by moving their third eye from below their two eyes to above them, allowing a mouth to be formed.[3] He also created new aliens for the game, such as the cyborg tank[4] and the S’Pht’Kr Defender[5]

After Marathon 2 shipped, McLees began work on Bungie's next project, Myth: The Fallen Lords. He took on a lot of roles, including writing, graphics, artwork, and level and scenario design. He continued his role for Myth II: Soulblighter.

During Halo: Combat Evolved's development, he was a concept artist, and notably designed The Flood.[6] He was also a weapons designer, creating many of the game's iconic weapons.[6] He continued that work for Halo 2. He transitioned to being a writer for Halo 3, mostly focusing on Halo canon.[7] During this time period, he wrote the short story "Palace Hotel" in the book Halo: Evolutions.[8]

After Halo 3 shipped, McLees helped write some of Halo: Reach's story before moving on to helping write the original story of Destiny. Sometimes around 2012, he left Bungie.[1]


  • He is the spouse of Lorraine McLees. They met while attending American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL.
  • McLees is colorblind. While many of the color choices were changed by other artists between his concept art and final released games, one such color choice persists in final games: the red markings on top of the M41 SPNKR.[9]
  • A caricature of Greg Kirkpatrick, Jason Jones, and McLees are hidden in a terminal in the Marathon 2 level "Come and Take Your Medicine."
  • In Halo: The Fall of Reach, there was a person known as Dr. Robert McLees mentioned by Cortana who designed the structural system created for the Pillar of Autumn and who also was the co-founder of the Reyes-McLees Shipyards over Mars in 2510. This is an obvious reference to the real Robert McLees and his wife, Lorraine (née Reyes).
  • "About the Authors" in Halo: Evolutions states: "If you give Robt a bite of your pizza, he'll ask for a beer. And when you get back from grabbing a beer from the fridge, like half the damned pizza is gone! WTF, Rob?!?"

From Robt's "Meet the Team" page from 2006[10] and 2012:[11]

Nickname: harangue-utan Classification: GrizzledAncients
Current Job: I make guns. I concoct lies. Origin: Indiana, USA
Blood Type: thick and chunky Age: 39
Weight: 190 pounds Height: 6'
Girth: Hearty
First Job: store room staff, Toys 'R Us
Hobby: Writing, shooting, and changing diapers.
Favorite Game: X-COM: UFO Defense
Ultimate Snack: Bopis
Favorite Movie: (picked randomly from his ten favorite movies) - Tonari no Totoro
Weapon of Choice: Heckler & Koch MP5SD
Mode of Transport: GOJIRA: 2001 Ford F150 SuperCrew (that's a V8 in there - you try and stop it!)

"If I told you I'd have to kill you... in fact, I think I'll just kill you anyway."

Rob McLees is Bungie's resident gun nut, knowing all there is to know about guns. He spent much time on the Halo Assault Rifle, making sure that there was enough room for the bolt to realistically travel. Also, he was part of the Bungie team that went to see how weapons actually sounded or worked for the guns in the Halo games. His imaginary weapon - which is actually real - is the Heckler and Kotch mp5 SD. It should also be noted that after Halo was released, Robt remarked how much the FN F2000 assault rifle looked like that of the assault rifle in Halo.

During the development of Halo 3, Robert McLees asked brother-in-law William D. Haug for any shell casings; since William Haug worked for the military. These were 12.5mm casings which were used in the Believe Trailer.

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