Rollin (RollinRollin13)
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UserName Rollin
Current Title Exalted Mythic Member
Member Since August 14th, 2008
XBL Gamertag RollinRollin13
PSN Gamertag LordSeskis
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"At the end of the day, what it all really boils down to, isn't who you are or what you've accomplished; it's how catchy of a motto you have for people to remember you by. I'm still working on mine.

Regular Life

Passive aggressive, and addicted to coffee, Rollin is currently a student in his home town of Seattle. If he's not lurking on he can be found trying to catch up on his sleep.

Community Involvement

Rollin first joined on August 14th, 2008 with the original username of "RollinRollin13." He has been involved in numerous projects through the 7th Column, most notable of which are the Community Carnage and the Unofficial Minecraft Server.

In May of 2011, Rollin was selected for a Community Joe Interview. His other involvements include the FAQ and the P7 Septicast, among other, less notable, projects.

Most recently, in continuation with his involvement with the Community Carnage, Rollin has been involved with the Seventh Conflux.

PAX Prime

Since 2011 Rollin has been a regular fixture at PAX Prime, recently having joined the ranks of the Enforcers as of 2014. He regularly schedules meet ups throughout the event for community members to attend, and often helps organize community t-shirts for the event.


  • Animal Puns
  • Aurora Project
  • The Collective Anomaly
  • The Community Carnage
  • For Carnage Apply Within
  • Minecrafters
  • Mythic Members
  • P7 Septicast
  • Penny Arcade Expo
  • Seventh Column SETI
  • Seventh Conflux
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